Political Markaz - Bahraini Shia prisoners in extreme torture

Bahraini Shia prisoners in extreme torture

Bahraini Shia prisoners in extreme torture

Aug 10,2018 Comments Download

In Bahrain the scholars and believers who are in prison are undergoing severe torture and certain prisoners are such that their states are very severe. The community is protesting for them as well and this is in knowledge of all global organizations but no one is raising their voice. This is because they are Shias hence the atrocities done on them are not accounted under human rights violation. The Shia should get overcome this point globally whereby certain Shias who for their political interests give this impression that it is in the interest of Shias to take refuge under these wolves. Muslim unity is something different; it is a principle of religion. There is no battle of Shia with anyone specifically with Muslims of any sect. They are all respected and our religion says that there should not be any discord and people should act on their school. But there is no sympathy for Shias anywhere.


Shias have not done any discord, we have not killed any Muslims, we have not displaced or occupied anyone because our school, thinking, Ideology does not allow. But on the other side they have this extremism towards Shias. But for Shias there is no sympathy with anyone. In Yemen there is no sympathy because they are also Zaidi Shias. There is sympathy for the football playing children team of Thailand but there is no sympathy for Yemen Children because they are Shias. They have sympathy towards all prisoners but not of Bahrain because they are Shias. They have sympathy towards all those who are attacked, killed by terrorists but not for Shias. This is the mentality of people in the world. It is not that everyone in the world has sectarian mentality. The people in West are not Shia or Sunni but still they don’t have any sympathy for Shia’s by anyone. In this situation the Shia nation should themselves understand as to how they can live in this beastly world. Those whom you consider as your places of refuge they do not utter two words against the torture of Shia Prisoners in Bahrain. This is the hypocrisy of West.

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