Political Markaz - Background of revoking Kashmir constitution by India and the way forward for Kashmiri’s

Background of revoking Kashmir constitution by India and the way forward for Kashmiri’s

Background of revoking Kashmir constitution by India and the way forward for Kashmiri’s

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Kashmir turning into Palestine

Everyone is aware that the most important news of the world is related to the prejudicial, anti-Muslimism, Islam enemy government of India which got re elected with the slogan of enmity with Islam and has proven its enmity with Islam in all possible ways. They have started the practice of killing Muslims in the name of sanctity of cow, forcing them to change religion to Hinduism, pursuing them to leave the country, killing them in mobs and all this is happening in general in India. But specifically, in Kashmir the gradual steps which have been taken and amongst these steps the recent step is that they have ended the constitutional rights of Kashmir. The unique constitutional status which Kashmir had has been ended and given another unique status. It is not that they have transformed it as another state of India. They have done two things; one is dividing Kashmir in two parts; and second they have made it a provincial territory under central government in Delhi which can be termed as governor rule in India. All this preparation was done before and when the Modi government got reelected, they have included this in their election manifesto that we will end the unique status of Kashmir. The entire world knew about the clear policy of Modi government. There were some policies in the past government as well and this government came with a very aggressive, tyrannical policy which they announced and acted upon them also.

I have been mentioning all this in these sermons and on other occasions as well that Kashmir is being turned into Palestine under a very strong influence from Israel. There are Israeli advisors present in India and India has a friendly, strategic relationship with each other and they are both helping each other. India is assisting Israel to end Palestine issue and same way Israel is helping India on Kashmir issue. They are not doing anything covertly as it was all done openly and many people were thinking this as all illusions and some conspiracy theory.

This is a media term of conspiracy theory whereby people start to get into this imagination and illusion that there are conspiracies happening against them and then they get afraid. Though in reality is it not happening but just a phobia. But at times conspiracies are taking place and when they are identified as being done then they are categorized as conspiracy theory and not reality. Many would say that nothing strange or special is being done in Kashmir, everything is normal and both countries India and Pakistan are in normal terms. And all this what is being said that Kashmir is being turned into Palestine is not correct and India, Pakistan both have same views about Kashmir. We can see that these were not illusions and now Kashmir has completely been usurped by India, though in the past also they have occupied but it was disputed.

It has been agreed from before that Kashmir will not be like other India states, and it will be independent and belong to Kashmiri’s only. The rights to buy land in Kashmir will only belong to Kashmiris and no other Indian or outsiders will be allowed to buy land in Kashmir and can also not occupy any governmental position. There were many other legal exclusions as well in this and India has formally ended this in parliament by passing an ordinance. Kashmir has no autonomy now and any Indian can go to Kashmir, buy land there and do business.

Everyone should know that Kashmir is the most beautiful place on earth. Even Azad Kashmir in Pakistan is also beautiful but the occupied Kashmir in India is the most beautiful place on earth and is resembled as paradise on earth. It has mountains, snow, hills, lakes, springs and natural resources. It is a focal point of attention for the entire world. Everyone specifically capitalists become greedy about Kashmir. This is a big region which is divided into Himalaya, some under china, some under Bhutan, one part came to Pakistan also. Everyone has eyes on this. The northern part of Pakistan which is Gilgit, Baltistan is connected to Ladakh where Kargil is there. They have same culture, same old tribes but geographically they have been divided into some regions. And Kashmir which is part of valley and Ladakh, Gilgit are on separate border. If you see even in pictures man gets astonished on the natural beauty that is being witnessed there and man starts to praise God for this. These are gold mines in the region but due to conflicts they are divided into India and Pakistan, hence not much progressive work has taken place in this region. They have not achieved their global status as well but not attention has come up and everyone wants to get these regions settled to take benefits of tourism, economy and military as well. Gilgit Baltistan is also a sensitive place and after the CPEC route going through it this has become a point of attention. Modi has announced that after taking over Kashmir in India, he will move towards Azad Kashmir in Pakistan and then after that towards Gilgit Baltistan. In his first government tenure he has objected on China for passing the CPEC route through disputed area and has been troubling China. In the second tenure the first step they have taken for occupied Kashmir; they have declared Ladakh as one region and Kashmir and Jammu as another region and both have been got under central government rule of governor. They will keep it in this same state for some time and then they will declare this as another Indian state. After this the capitalists will enter there to buy land and the Kashmiri’s wont even be left with a small patch of land for themselves. There are two ways by which they can do this; one is by using forces they will snatch the land from the Kashmiris or second way is that they will send the capitalists army over there to buy lands and this would be more dangerous because this will happen with the cooperation of local people. Since long time the people of this land are suffering and are under poverty though this is a naturally rich land. But due to war and tension always they have not progressed well. So, the same people who have been living in hardships when they see a glimpse of progress and wealth, they will go for it. Hence this capitalist army is very dangerous. When an armed battalion enters a land, they face resistance but when a capitalist army comes, they are welcomed that they have come for prosperity of land. They do not realize how dangerous they are and what they are going to ruin. This is what is going to happen in Kashmir

Pakistan helps Modi in taking this step

When India took this step, they prepared the grounds both regionally as well internationally. At international level the step they have taken was to develop friendship with America, Europe and other countries. Similarly, in the region India has established its feet in Afghanistan, they have balanced their relationship with China despite of enmity of China. But in all this global strategy they have kept one central point of focus where they have applied immense pressure on Pakistan and isolated Pakistan diplomatically, and also created severe problems for Pakistan in the region. This fearless step which the Modi government has taken has big hand from the current situation inside Pakistan. It took a lot of time for Modi to prepare this situation in Pakistan. It took the first five years for Modi to disturb the situation inside Pakistan and thus isolate it and now in these five years he has to take advantage from this situation. He increased troubles for Pakistan and took full advantage of the internal weaknesses of Pakistan. The Pakistani politics helped a lot in success of Modi and they literally supported him. They appreciated and helped Modi at every step. Today he has taken the weakness of Pakistan to international level. He took the weakness of Pakistan internationally which means he has raised the issue of Pakistan intervention in Kashmir at international level. The issue of Kashmir was not raised by the unsuccessful foreign politics of Pakistan. We did not do this and only claimed that we will take the issue of Kashmir at international level but none of our government did this. These were all just words as they are not capable to do this because the internal situation of Pakistan is such that they do not possess the ability to do this. And even now also they are not capable. This is because the situation of crisis which has been intentionally created inside the country, to create political instability, economic crisis and this has to go forward also; but this was an act which was to offer Kashmir in a dish to India and has come out due to the internal crisis issues in Pakistan.

If you pay attention that before this act of Modi just see the scenario which was created. The Pakistan PM went to USA visit and his visit was seen as a big success and they said that as if he has returned after winning the world cup. There was a wave of happiness show all over and what was this for? This was on the statement of Trump that he is ready to mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue. They did such dancing and this shows how Pakistan politicians are non-serious and unaware about what is happening behind the scene. Though certain entities knew but at public level there was no one thinking about what is going on behind these events. Our PM prayed for Modi during the elections that he should win this election because if Modi wins the issue of Kashmir will get resolved. This means all these exchanges were done before and signals were coming before. Without any request from India and Pakistan Trump mediating on this, though both denied that we have not requested. But we expressed happiness that Pakistan has got such a big success with Trump mediation and on the very next day this decision came out.

Whether it is people or government there is no seriousness anywhere, there is no accountability or responsibility. There was a parliament meeting on Kashmir issue between ruling government and opposition and all this resulted into handing over Kashmir to India. What did our National Assembly members do for Kashmir? They just abused each other and ruling government is just arresting opposition. This means the Pakistan media was just kept entangled in these issues like what Maryam Nawaz is doing. To draw the attention away from Kashmir all this political drama was being done inside Pakistan. They successful got the attention of Pakistan away from Kashmir. There were days when one martyrdom would take place in Kashmir and entire Pakistan would be out on street. Now they have taken over complete Kashmir but there is only rally on media, there is no reaction on streets, only few persons came out to burn flags. This was because they drew the attention away from Kashmir and they played such drama inside Pakistan that no one is taking the issue of Kashmir seriously. The group inside Pakistan which was serious about the issue of Kashmir that also eventually under the pressure of Trump were declared as suspended, banned and placed inside prison. Anyone who raises voice for Kashmir will be declared by Modi as terrorist and Trump will pressurize to arrest them. So, who will now raise voice for Kashmir? In the past those who did ended up in prison inside Pakistan so now also anyone does will meet the same fate, so one wants to step forward.

Hence all this has been done by coordination between India and Pakistan. In the National Assembly some opposition leader is speaking openly against India but when they were in ruling government they were talking about friendship with India. The current government was in opposition at that time and they were talking about attacking India. The current party and the PM had pulled their sword out continuously against India on the issue of Kashmir and now that has ended. Now the opposition is raising voice on Kashmir in Parliament and the PM is saying should I attack India? You can see the level of our politicians and rulers, this is the way they are dealing the issue of Kashmir in front of world and global media. They are talking at such a level, where I cannot speak beyond this. It is the responsibility of all Muslim believers to act on this issue. Till the time the issue of Kashmir is there with rulers, politicians these deals would be made. The day the believers adopt seriousness on this issue then a solution will come out.

Silence and Shamelessness of world

Since a long time where 100’s of thousands have been martyred in Kashmir, several families have been ruined and the outcome has been this which came out. Now also there is curfew in Kashmir, they have got all media out, shut down everything and unarmed Kashmiri’s have been left at the mercy of beastly Indian forces. Those youths, old persons, women, children are all handed over to the forces. They have disconnected them from the world. And see what the world is doing, the entire world is silent. You would not have seen the shamelessness of the entire world. When they have sealed the entire region and handed over them to tyrannical forces, who are experts do sacrilege of human beings, play with sanctity of woman and they get rewarded for these brutal disgraceful acts. They have disconnected internet, telephone and by closing all means of communication they handed over the region to these forces. The way Yazid locked Medina and made entire Medina legitimate to his forces for three days same thing has been done by this Yazid and permitted everything for these forces to do anything they want to do with their homes, land, women and people. The news is not coming out but the day the news starts to come out, then people will start to grieve on what happened. In Pakistan there is absolute non seriousness to the level of disgrace. You can see those who were claimants as supporters of Kashmir. You can see the religious parties who are also issuing such weak statements. What is the problem in at least issuing strong statements? You are as such out of control and issue statements about everything and attack the sanctities of everything, so why are you silent on this now? Who will stop you today? But they are absolutely silent and at international level there is total silence. Our PM has called Mohammad bin Salman. What did he reply? Did he even express his grief on it? There is total silence on every media and they are just giving news that India has usurped Kashmir, closed all communications and curfew has been placed. On the other hand, the Kashmiris are also demanding, like these old leaders Gilani who has appealed to the Muslim world that they are killing us, so please reach out for our help. What will happen when they will kill us all and then you will come? What use this would be then? The Pakistan media is saying that international community should speak, but who is that international community? Whom are you calling for? Will Trump speak who made this deal? That Trump who gave this statement of mediation, when he was not asked for any mediation. He said this because he made the issue hot to make a united voice in India and to get the ruling government and opposition on one page. The statement of Trump has supported India a lot. This was also pre agreed that Trump will issue this statement and Modi will use this to move on this decision.

Muslims and Shias in India celebrating Kashmir decision

Now you can see there are celebrations in India. And the bigger celebrations in India is from Muslims in India and bigger than that is from Shia and they are congratulating each other that Kashmir has become formally part of India. This is the celebration you have to do? If you want to celebrate on Kashmir then you should be doing on that day when Kashmir would have become an independent Islamic state. This would suit for Muslims but to congratulate, celebrate that Kashmir has become a part of a big non-Islamic country is what? This is the same situation here in Pakistan as well. Whom are you referring to global Muslim community? The Arabs who are global Satan, traders and dealers. Do you call Europe, Britain, Trump as global community whereas they are the ones who have created this 72 yrs. old dispute? Our PM has only connection with few persons globally. He called Mahathir Mohammad and second is Mohammad bin Salman. There are no Muslim rulers whom you can even speak to. This is your diplomatic connection where you cannot even speak to any ruler. You spoke to two and what did they reply, they only said we are concerned about this step of India.

Dependency on Pakistan and others – Weakness of Kashmir movement

This is the weakest point of Kashmir’s freedom movement. This is the grievance which is there on the global and Pakistan politicians. What do you expect from these Pakistani politicians, who have been proven by the Pakistani court as criminals? Every politician in Pakistan who has come has been proven as criminal. Parvez Musharraf has been declared as traitor by the constitution of Pakistan and he was looking into the Kashmir issue for eight years. What do you expect from these criminals? The one who cannot come to Pakistan, there are others lying in Jail declared as corrupt and criminals. Those who are not declared by court as criminal but people have declared them as criminal like every Pakistani curses Zia ul Haqq. They were the ones who have been running the Kashmir issue. The Kashmiri’s should think about this that how these Pakistani politicians will help you who have themselves ruined their own country and are declared treacherous in their own country.

Kashmiri’s stop relying on international community

Darkness has not come for Kashmiris yet. They should not be afraid. If they ended this constitution then everything is not over. They will not be afraid God willing as they are a resistive community with perseverance who have been struggling for 72 years though they have been deceived. They should not take lessons from the past and select the right path. They should not repeat these mistakes again and stop looking at global Muslim community. The reality of global Muslim community has a dreadful reality, they are the community of wolves, they are wild and have the atmosphere of a wild forest and Kashmiris should stop looking at them as no one will come for your help, neither any Arab or non-Arab has ever come for your help. It is not written anywhere in divine customs that for your freedom, salvation you should rely on international community. This was the biggest mistake that you relied on UNO, sitting for 72 yrs. on the UN resolutions that they will solve the problem.

Abdullah family – Traitors of Kashmir

One other mistake of Kashmiris were the traitors sitting inside Kashmir, that is the Abdulla family who got the actual deal done and got this clause of autonomy removed. When they got this clause in the constitution the Kashmiris were very happy that no one can come from outside to buy land in Kashmir but they did not realize that they can remove this clause as well. When India has kept this clause, it can be removed as well. The clause which Nehru kept has been removed by Modi. A facility given by India themselves can be removed at any time by Indian as well. This clause was not something which the Kashmiris fight to get it. This was done through the traitor Abdulla family who has been dominating on Kashmir since 3 generations. This facility was given to this ruling family and not Kashmiris that Kashmir is your property and now one can buy this. The Kashmiris will not suffer loss on this but this family will suffer loss. When the liberal PM, Jawaharlal Nehru had written that Kashmir will not be bought over by anyone, it is yours. Now they have said it is not yours anymore. It was all pre decided that Kashmir has to be sold out whether through traitors. The way in history it was sold, which Allama Iqbal also said, that we have sold the community and how cheap we have sold. It was the issue of Kashmir only which Allama mentioned that this community was sold and how cheap it was sold. He mentioned this in his Persian prose which I have recited before also on some other occasion.

O morning breeze, if you pass by Geneva, where there is UN gathering (about Kashmir), deliver my message They sold the gardens, springs, forests and how cheap they sold

Kashmir was sold at that time only but this traitor (Abdullah) was given this facility that till you are there no one else will come in between. He has not taken Kashmir for the people but for his own family. He secured his governance, rule and power. With this clause out this family’s monopoly is gone. For India it makes no difference, they have occupied before as well as now.

For Kashmir’s the road is not yet blocked, there is no darkness, the path is still open. Allama has beautifully expressed the issue of Kashmir beautifully

People like Mir Jaffar (who betrayed Tipu Sultan) are present in every community If snake becomes friend, then also do not consider it as friend, it remains as snake

With the hypocrisy of these hypocrites this nation has been divided into two parts The community which has such hypocrites that nation becomes disgraced and humiliated

Any nation which is getting drowned, sunk then find there would be some traitor like Mir Jaffar and Sadiq Beware from these hypocrites (one did treachery with Tipu Sultan, other did with Nawab Sirajuddin doula)

What should the Kashmiri people do now?

One is they should take lesson from these incorrect paths and trends they have followed. They have not given less sacrifices, in fact they have given more sacrifices than Palestinian. The struggle which Kashmiris have put up is much more than Palestinians but there has been fundamental weakness in this struggle. In this entire struggle, all those Jihadi groups were dependent on international groups, neighboring countries, groups and they were those who had themselves ruined their own country. This path was not the right path and they should take lesson from this path.

The right path is the one which our elders have shown, the path which Imam Khomeini (r.a) has shown. That path is that every community should stand on their own feet, with their own arms, relying on Allah should rise. They should not look at East or West and not take support from traitors. This international community are beasts and to expect from them is deception. This elderly person Syed Ali Gilani, I want to tell that your entire life has passed in this resistance, arrests, prisons, torture and in these 90 yrs. you did not realize that this international community do not have any conscience. In 90 yrs. you should have understood that these Arabs and others are of no use, they would never come for your help. Which path you should adopt now? First adopt the right path. If this path of dependency on others which you have taken since 72 yrs. , if you would have changed it to self-reliance and independency (Isteqlal), which means to remove the shackles of slavery with your own hands, and not asking the keys from UN, Arabs and from the traitor, criminal politicians of Pakistan. If it was possible for them to unshackle you then they would have first done from themselves and would have been living as free, prestigious nation.

The sacrifices which Kashmiris have given were enough for independence but they did these mistakes. Now whatever has happened is the limit of cruelty of oppressors and they can only do this much. They can impose curfew, shoot bullets, arrest youths, carry out operations which they are already doing. This is not something new for Kashmiris and a new story, they have become firm after suffering all this. The missing part within Kashmiri is Isteqlal (independent struggle). Resistance, patience, perseverance is on its peak but they were always waiting for signals and help. If they would do all this on their own with reliance only on Allah, then this success is certain. In one-way Modi has tried to absolve the issue of Kashmir but this foolishness of Modi will become the prerequisite of freedom for Kashmir. The way whatever Trump has done for Palestine will become the basis of freedom for Palestine. That day will come near; the way Sayed Nasrallah has said that day will come when we will recite Salat in Masjid ul Aqsa and I will recite the prayers there. When a crusader of the path of Allah expresses this determination then Allah will give this opportunity to him and one day the world will see all this. And before Palestine Allah will give freedom to Kashmir if they continue on this path.

Imam showed this path to the nations and he got salvation for this nation on this path only. He did not take support of anyone. Pakistan, Iraq, Russia were all neighbors of Iran but Imam did not take a penny help from any country. In fact, the nation where he got refuge, like Iraq they removed him. To get freedom for a nation without the help of anyone is the path of Imam Khomeini (r.a). This was the path of Iqbal as well and his poem he expresses the secret of freedom of Kashmir.

The Tulips of this garden are still red, passionate despite of this garden being ruined Do not put your sword in its sheath as the battle is still going on

The battle is going on, the traitors have announced the end of war, you should not announce.

The mother of sedition, has two hundred seditions more inside it The seditions are being nurtured in this mother of culture (Britain)

O Muslim, who is sitting on the shore peacefully in cool breeze, lying

Rise, because a new hurricane is coming, which has dangerous crocodiles inside it

The axe of lover Farhad who breaks the mountain passionately , to run a stream Then you also do not leave the path, as this is not wisdom

You should now start to dig the mountain, as there are many other gems present inside it.

Do not be despaired, do not consider yourself secluded, take your axe and strike on the rocks continuously The gems, precious stones are waiting for your stroke

Wait, let me tell you more secret, the life is not going to end here, there are other positions as well What do you know what sighs, pains are there in my heart, so listen to it, then you will know how hopeful is the way forward

When my Lord saw my love, passion, said that this vast dessert is also a narrow place, (your courage is so high that this dessert is also small for you)

All this is for the crusader of Kashmir. That gem of freedom of Kashmir is waiting for the stroke. Do not get despaired with your loneliness. Just keep on striking and very soon you will get the gem of freedom. By looking at your passion, you Lord is telling you that this valley is small for you, your passion is so high that you can overcome the entire world.

This is the path for Kashmir and the actual path for freedom of Kashmir. The Rest of world should give prove for their living conscience. This is disgraceful, humiliation that in open day light they usurp Kashmir and rest all watch the drama as spectators. What drama are they watching? Of these Arabs, rulers and people without any dignity, conscience. There were people who gave life for Kashmir and other Muslims issues but no one recognized their worth, so why are you trying to get your worth recognized from these beasts. Did they value the worth of Noah, Ibrahim and Moosa? What value did the community of Moosa for Moosa? What worth did the community of Ali recognize about him? What worth did the community of Imam Hussain (a.s) recognize for him? Why are you demanding your worth, value from people, from those who are themselves valueless, disgraced? If their behavior despairs you, but you do not loose your courage, as the battle is going on. This is one battle only, whether in Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Nigeria, Bahrain and it has only one law. The day any nation rises on their own they will be successful. The nation who relies on others takes a lot of time. We pray to Allah, to protect, secure and grant patience, courage to the Kashmiri youths, women and with their passion this darkness will go away and may Allah destroy these oppressors. The root of all oppression that is America may Allah destroy them with their entire tribes.

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