Political Markaz - Attacks on Taliban is not by ISIS

Attacks on Taliban is not by ISIS

Attacks on Taliban is not by ISIS

Sep 24,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Attacks on Taliban has started as expected. There was firing on Taliban in Jalalabad. It has been said that ISIS has come out to do it. ISIS is like a virtual face like Al Qaeda; hence anyone can do operation in the name of ISIS. In Pakistan anyone can kill someone and put the blame on terrorist because terrorism is happening. There are groups within Taliban who want to settle accounts like Haqqani group and Mullah Gani Biradar whose news about conflict came. He is missing from scene and he is one who has got Taliban to this position sitting in Qatar and negotiation. This person is missing from the scene and was said that he was beaten by the Haqqani group and he was expected to be made PM but was not made. There is also a pressure from external Taliban as well and when there are attacks from inside as well, they might come under pressure to accept mixed government. It is highly possible that other groups are doing this in the name of ISIS. Those who were up went down and those who were down came up but no group has finished.

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