Political Markaz - Attack in Baghdad - Pressure on Hashad us Shabi

Attack in Baghdad - Pressure on Hashad us Shabi

Attack in Baghdad - Pressure on Hashad us Shabi

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In international affairs, one sad event was last week then a suicide attempt was done in Iraq and that too on a downtrodden, oppressed category of people; who are labors. The labor workers stand at their depot in morning where they get daily work and the attack was done there in Baghdad and big number of martyrdoms took place. In Iraq even though the ISIS control has been taken over but still terrorists are present and strong at various locations and the difficulty of Iraq is that the Iraqi government is not independent, they are under dominance of America.

The movement of anti-terrorism which started effectively in Iraq, specifically with Hashad us Shabi, the peoples force played an important role by cleansing terrorism spots from the country. Now there is an international pressure and specifically Ale Saud wants to end them. All forces or Arab, America, West, Israel are united to somehow end two groups in the region; one is Hezbollah in Lebanon and second is Hashad us Shabi, they want to unarm them and transform them as political groups. In Lebanon it is not easy as Hezbollah is strong but in Iraq those sitting above Hashad us Shabi listen to outsiders, come under pressure, and take decisions also and such things can happen, though such signs are not seen yet and they don’t want to end this force. Since political parties, religious leaders are harassed by Hashad us Shabi. This is because with Hashad us Shabi present no one will get a chance to play in Iran and this way Hashad us Shabi will take full control. Then the same same status of Hashad us Shabi will become like that of Hezbollah in Lebanon. If Hashad us Shabi becomes a big power in Iraq then it will be a problem for the Iraqi leadership and also for other political parties as they cannot do what they are doing now when an armed force is present inside. Hence there is a pressure on them to end Hashad us Shabi. This was grievous incident and we pray for their families and them.



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