Political Markaz - Atrocities on peak in Kashmir and Gaza

Atrocities on peak in Kashmir and Gaza

Atrocities on peak in Kashmir and Gaza

Apr 05,2019 Comments Download

In Kashmir and Gaza the same style aggression, oppression is going on. In Gaza cruel bombing is going on, in Kashmir also they are barging into the homes of people; their life, women, and assets nothing is secure. They are claiming that more severity will come because there is no one going to speak for Kashmir. The disgrace which Muslims have shown is that when OIC convention took place in Abu Dhabi, they invited the FM of India and she accused Pakistan there as a terrorist state. This is the shamelessness of the Muslim countries and the situation has become like this for this reason.

In Gaza they are planning for war, they are firing on the protests and same is happening in Kashmir where they carry dead bodies every day. There is a limit to oppression. Allah says that we give respite to oppressors for them to complete their tenure of tyranny and then they are besieged by Allah. At present both Gaza and Kashmir has reached that limit and very soon the siege of Allah will start and both these countries will get salvation from these tyrants.

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