Political Markaz - Atrocities increase on Arbaeen Pilgrims from Pakistan

Atrocities increase on Arbaeen Pilgrims from Pakistan

Atrocities increase on Arbaeen Pilgrims from Pakistan

Oct 19,2018 Comments Download

The second issue which has become a hot talk is related to the pilgrims of Arbaeen. The Arbaeen pilgrims are visiting from across the world and from Pakistan also they visit in big numbers. There are various types of difficulties they face every year; some from Caravan head; from visa authorities, transporters, some in the name of security and specifically for those who are going by road from the route of Quetta and Taftan. Recently one caravan was stopped in Jacobabad which is a deserted area where there is no water. They stop in such places on check posts and the pilgrims are troubled there. Similarly after reaching Quetta to reach Taftan is very a difficult method. They stop them for days to make a caravan and delay them over there.  At times they delay so much that their visa for Iran and Iraq ends in Quetta only and they have to return back and the visa is not renewed. There are many such issues, which are faced by believers in the name of organization. The government and other Shia groups have imposed different types of taxes on them. They have made these difficulties in travel of people the means of earning and business for them. In various ways people are earning from them and they pursued to pay these taxes. Those pilgrims who are going have problems and also those who are returning have problems at Taftan border. There is no arrangement there but for several days they are stopped there. In last few days some pilgrims passed way due to atrocities and in a way this was martyrdom. This grievous thing which repeats every year. This government made big announcements, that we will provide good support to pilgrims but more problems are being faced.

In Iraq also there are further difficulties and they have already made the atmosphere insecure in Iraq. They have made this propaganda that the pilgrims go to Iraq for pilgrimage and do many other things there. For Pakistanis they have spread this on Social media that these pilgrims are not going for pilgrimage but instead to participate in the battles in Syria and Iraq. These old persons of 90 yrs are going for battle? This is a senseless things which they talk and create sensitivity for the pilgrims. In Iraq also they are doing this propaganda. We pray that these pilgrims should return safely from pilgrimage.

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