Political Markaz - Army should oust government and take over Pakistan

Army should oust government and take over Pakistan

Army should oust government and take over Pakistan

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

The most important subject is of Tehreek-e-Labbaik which can create big problem for Pakistanis. This is the second week of their protest. You know the background. When France insulted Prophet (s.a.w.s), Tehreek-e-Labbaik protested to remove the French Ambassador out of Pakistan. They did a sit in protest in Islamabad and after that an agreement was made that you end protests and we will remove him. After this wind up of protests the chief of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Khadim Rizvi died and then after sometime Saad rizvi his son reminded the government of their promise. One day Saad rizvi government arrested him without any issue and did not run any case on him; he has been kept under house arrest. Now his group his raising voice to release him and remove the ambassador of France. The government did the agreement and said we will take this to parliament and in reality were just buying time.

Now Tehreek-e-Labbaik has become serious and have started a long march to Islamabad. The government is saying we cannot abide by the agreement. The court also instructed to release Saad Rizvi. The government has taken permission from court to keep him under arrest for some reasons. They started long march from Islamabad and near Murredke they were stopped for one week and after this they have reached Gujranwala now. The government has announced that there is no government and this is a banned party , but the entire process of banning them has not been accepted by court and parliament. The law is that this should be presented in court and the court has to testify then only a party can be banned. They are just banned as per words of government. They are continuing their long march to Islamabad and containers are placed on GT road and Islamabad has been frozen. One march of a banned party has created this dire situation. The government are building trenches to stop them. They are saying also that we will place them under militancy group and take aggressive actions on them if they reach Islamabad. A chaotic situation has been created in country and Tehreek-e-Labbaik is not stepping back.

The real situation is that this government is in very weak position whereby the inflation has gone up , petrol prices have gone up and further going up. The opposition has started movement against inflation and entire hope of government is on this opposition that they can save the government else there is no other way. If the opposition rise for inflation then people will not come out. The inflation has reached that level where its impossible to bear the rise.

The branch on which government was sitting and they have started to cut that as well. The Army has done some changes on various posts as per their own schedule. Under these changes, the commander in Chief of Army has made the ISI chief Faiz Hameed as core commander of Peshawar and a new young General has been made the chief of ISI. For ISI chief the approval of government was essential and PM refused to sign. The Army asked him why you have stopped it. In the past the PM would sign the file of changes and was not never challenged, but our PM has stopped it and reason was questioned. The Army has an organized system whereby a file of every person is made as he gets promoted to different states. This General Nadeem Anjum considered was a capable person for this post by Army. The PM is not able to give the reason. The people guessed that PM has some faith on sages and spiritual testification from his home (wife) and then only he agrees. This has become a big issue for government and political opposition , foreign media has exaggerated for spiritual reasons so can the country run on such things. Anyhow he finally signed and this has been one reason that government has become victim of difficulties.

In this situation the issue of Tehreek-e-Labbaik started so why this hardness has come inside government. The current ISI chief only came and gave rents to Tehreek-e-Labbaik to return back home in the last protest. In the second protest the agreement was done that we will remove the French Ambassador. The third protest is going on and it looks like some sage has given this prediction that if this protest march reaches Islamabad then this government will end. You remember that PTI gave the longest protest for months in Islamabad and said it was democratic rights and you were allowed by those government. So in your government no one has rights to protest? The media has gone against the government and even their friends have gone against. The government feels that if the protest goes on the government will end and this is the reason that if spiritual sages have told them that their power is dependent on Tehreek-e-Labbaik then they will end this protest at any cost. Entire Punjab has been handed over to rangers and firing permission has been given to rangers. This is dangerous but on what basis. There is no Pakistani who considers Tehreek-e-Labbaik on righteousness but to govern with violence is also not permitted. For them to raise voice for their leader you don’t give permission to them as well to raise voice is dangerous. This extremism, violence which government is planning to do and some say this has started. The media is not allowed to publish any news about this but some deaths are taking place. The PM saying that we will stop them with force is illegitimate. Their rights is to raise voice and whether you accept or not is different.

This sudden extremist nature developing in government is questionable and this is because sages have told them that if this protest crosses Jhelum then your government will not stay. To use religion as a tool for politics is dangerous because religious world is highly passionate without any intellect. Every sect is passionate in Pakistan. The entire Pakistan’s foundations is on passions, emotions and if you use these passions for political gains then it will bounce back on you. When you use them one day against your opposition then other day they will turn against you as well. If you set an example once by listening to passionate people coming out on streets, then everyone will make you accept their demands. You have done this before and now you have to suffer to use religious world in this satanic politics is destruction for the nation. If government does this mistake of stopping this protest by force by shooting them then every religious sect will come out on street, and this will not be a damage to government but to state.

The state should see what they should do. They can change the government instead of allowing the government to take violent forced actions. The army can take over if the government is not able to control. This method of firing, shooting, killing protestors is unacceptable for any citizen of Pakistan. In this situation the powerful organization should step in and decide. Those who want to save their power they become blind and do not value life and kill people like mosquitoes. You should try to control this passionate group to not cross limits and government should also not be permitted to kill people for saving their power. If this clash starts then no one can protect the country. May Allah develop some path for peaceful resolution. Whatever is being seen and statements are coming out, may Allah protest the Ummah , nation and Pakistan from this destruction.

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