Political Markaz - Arbaeen Congregation – A Divine plan for foiling Satanic plans

Arbaeen Congregation – A Divine plan for foiling Satanic plans

Arbaeen Congregation – A Divine plan for foiling Satanic plans

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 Today is the day of Arbaeen on the horizon of Pakistan and at present a big historic incident is in process which is the unique gathering of pilgrims for Arbaeen in Karbala. This is getting better every year and this year also as per estimates given more than 30 million pilgrims in form of Caravan, women, men, young, old, personalities and all are attending from various corners of the world. One unique thing about this gathering is that a big route is travelled by these pilgrims by walk without any vehicles from the shrine of Ameerul Momineen (a.s) in Najaf to the shrine of Imam Hussain (a.s) in Karbala. This was a culture since long and pilgrims would travel on various occasions but was very specific to Arbaeen. This in past was not known to others except the people of Najaf. This custom was initiated by some elderly scholars based on some traditions about walking to the shrine of Imam Hussain (a.s). Since last few years this congregation has acquired a different status and this is no more an ordinary custom as it has been expressed by the Supreme Leader (d.a) in his Arbaeen message.

Two days backs in one of his Fiqh lectures the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution; Ayatullah Khamenei (d.a) has said that this gathering has been created by Allah as a big bounty in this era and it has various dimensions around it which needs to be expressed and the entire Ummah needs to be attentive towards it. When 30 million people gather at one place that too specifically in this era which is an era of enmity against Muslims and that too specifically against Shiite. The entire world of infidels, hypocrites, Arabs, West and everyone have allied together to end this school of Shiite. This thinking they have not hidden and have clearly expressed at many instances. In their fresh expressions also they have said that we want to eradicate Shiite and with Shiite the humanity is endangered. The insane Arabs and specifically the accursed family of Ale Saud, which will be destroyed soon are the on the frontline, standard bearers and behind their back is the big devil, Taghoot America and their President who wants to crush Shiite.

In such an atmosphere this event carries a big significance. As the Leader said that the hearts are not in the control of man, it is in Allah’s control who can turn heart anywhere. Shiite if we see since few decades has risen being a lost school on the global horizon for centuries. The Western and far off communities were not even aware that a school with the name of Shias is also present. Shiite was recognized with the Islamic Revolution and movement of Imam Khomeini (r.a). The way it was introduced that people got pursued to identify, recognize Shiite and it was not possible to ignore them as Shiite came into headlines. Shias created their presence in the headlines and all this was due to the Islamic revolution of Imam Khomeini (r.a). This revolution was the mountain of Shiite in which there was a volcano and to control it from erupting and suppressing it entire world gathered for several times. They tried all tactics to turn off this light of revolution and this same Iraq was bought forward. Around thirty to thirty five countries joined hands to extinguish this light of Allah but they got disgraced and ended. There was a time when Iran was trying to protect, secure its revolution inside the borders of Iran. The revolution came out of that phase and the same Taghoots are afraid that this revolution has become a threat for their governments.

In this situation the global appearance of Shiite and expression of its presence whose one symbolic act is this gathering of Arbaeen is unique. This not something normal that for a school of Shiite for which all power, efforts were used to suppress them but still they are expressing their presence in such a manner. In Iraq there are still graves found of thousands of Shias who became victim of atrocities of Saddam. The shadow of the horror of Saddam ended and immediately a more brutal, beastly tyrant of ISIS was placed upon Iraq. Now when ISIS became weak in Iraq they immediately created the Fitnah of Kurdistan so that the back of Iran can never become straight. The reason why they are sensitive now is that they were negligent at the time of Islamic Revolution in Iran and they did not took that revolution seriously because they considered the emperor of Iran as very powerful and against them are Mullahs, students of seminary which can do nothing. They got killed in this negligence and did not realize the strength of these Mullahs. When they saw that how powerful they were then they became serious and do not want to repeat the same mistake again. That is the reason they enforced atrocities in Iraq through tyrants like Saddam and now ISIS. The same situation is there in Bahrain where they have put extraordinary pressure on the people and then the oppression done by Ale Saud in Saudi Arabia. The tyranny was to the extent that Shia populated towns were completely wiped. In last few months they did this with Awamiya which was completely flattened by bulldozers. They martyred big numbers, arrested many and left many in scorching heat in tents. And now they are planning to make these places as centers of tourism so that Shias can run away from there. They want to remove Shias from the land and elope them from there and push them in other areas. If they want to live then they should live as labors in these place of corruption. This was their planning for various areas of Shias which is in progress in Pakistan and other places. This was their plan and I have said many times that they plan their stratagems but as per Quran Allah also plans his stratagem which is dominant over the plans of Satan. This gathering of Arbaeen is the divine plan for foiling the plans of Satan.


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