Political Markaz - Arab, West and Israel arousing people to rise against Hezbollah in Lebanon

Arab, West and Israel arousing people to rise against Hezbollah in Lebanon

Arab, West and Israel arousing people to rise against Hezbollah in Lebanon

Jul 16,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

The political instability in Lebanon has gone severe. Since last year elections till date government is not yet formed. The foreigners are controlling Lebanon amongst them are Arabs, West and Zionist media. They consider Iran as the cause for all issues in Lebanon. Whatever is happening there is to get Iran out from Lebanon and to unarm Hezbollah, the shoulder of Iran and to end the politics of Hezbollah. First, they wanted to end them through Israel and more Israel tried Hezbollah became stronger. Israel knows this and hence they do not have the courage to do the same on Lebanon which they did on Gaza. They do not have courage to do any aggression because they know the power of Hezbollah because Israel might get destroyed. In internal issues created Bin Salman has destroyed the economy of Lebanon. They have extracted all the investment of Saudi from Lebanon from those who were Saudi supporters. This way a very bad economic crisis has been created in Lebanon. The inflation has gone so high that an ordinary person cannot even afford to buy routine commodities. There is no government as well and only discussion, alliance, lobbying, etc. is going on. Hezbollah wants political stability in Lebanon but the opponent is strong. Saad Hariri was asked to create government and he has resigned and Lebanon is again under political and economic crisis. The same tactic which they used in Iran by applying sanctions to apply pressure on people so that they can rise against the Wilayat-e-Faqeeh system and this plan made by America got foiled and they could not create any wave in Iran with whatever little started the Iranian leadership controlled it. The same tactic is being used in Lebanon as they have boycotted Lebanon so that the people of Lebanon get frustrated and rise against those responsible for this situation. In media they are blaming Iran and Hezbollah for this crisis and they want the people to rise against Hezbollah. This is Satanic plan of theirs but Hezbollah has always failed their plans with their political and military insight. we hope that this instability will end in Lebanon and all the western, Arab and Hebrew Satan’s will get foiled.

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