Political Markaz - Annoyance against Afghan Shias

Annoyance against Afghan Shias

Annoyance against Afghan Shias

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In Kabul there were martyrdoms last week that took place in an attack in Shia area. There were more than seventy martyrdoms. Since elections are close in Afghanistan and near the voter registration area this took place. The ISIS has accepted this as their act. This was part of the same link towards which I pointed since in Afghanistan there is a gathering of all elements who were present in Syria and Iraq, they are now in Afghanistan and from there they have to open the fronts for Iran, Pakistan China and Russia. They have made Afghanistan as the center.


They have a big pain, wounds which they have got from Afghan Shia. The Afghan Shia’s have done a marvelous achievement which the world is still unaware. In Syria they have defeated ninetycountries. They have defeated the disgraced Arabs, America, Europe and these have been humiliated a lot even more than Iraq. After that disgrace, humiliation in order to suppress this feeling first they did a drama about chemical weapons being present in Syria. They attacked Syria and dropped around 120 missiles on Syria and out of these 90 missiles were blasted in air by Russiandefense system and in this total attack only four persons were wounded. This was the full effect of this attack which was only done to relieve frustration and disgrace. What was their frustration? They have gathered in Syria the filth from across the world; that is from Saudi Arabia, Europe, Emirates, Qatar, Turkey and France who all wanted to make a Takfiristan in Syria. This is what they have announced and the name of ISIS also implied the same. They made a modern super force, created terror and intended to sabotage all the Shia areas. They got disgraced in Iraq but more in Syria. In Iraq, they got disgraced by Iraqi’s, Hashad us Shabi made them taste disgrace. But in Syria, it was Hezbollah who was in the front line but along with them the group which joined Hezbollah to defend the sacred shrine of Lady Zainab, Lady Rukaiyyah were the Afghan Shia. Hence for Afghani Shia they are badly hurt and highly annoyed. I have said this before also that some TV anchors have spread this that people from Parachinar have also gone there and hence the incidents that took place in Parachinar were for these reasons only. They are also annoyed with the believers of Parachinar as well that they have gone to Syria. These TV anchors are also part of terrorists who incite these events. The attack was not done in Afghanistan on those Shias who went to Syria because majority of those Shias got martyred in defending the Haram of Lady Zainab (s.a) but since it is the same community, tribe they are taking revenge from everyone and with every excuse they are attacking.



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