Political Markaz - Anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Anniversary of Islamic Revolution

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The second event in this month is the anniversary of Islamic Revolution. On 11th Feb 1979 the revolution became victorious. From 1st Feb to 11th are the celebrations of Revolution. On 1st Feb Imam (r.a) returned from Paris and the revolution entered in its practical phase and on 11th Feb the Islamic revolution succeeded and got established. These days are also very important for all Muslims, believers and for all those who have faith on the divine system of Wilayat and Imamat. For secular persons these days have no importance, for Mutahhajireen they don’t have any significance. Secular are those irreligious persons who have separated world from religion; and Mutahhajireen are those who have separated religion from world. The secular are sitting with the world separating it from religion whereas Mutahhajireen are sitting separately with religion without the world. Mutahhajireen are those who don’t have system in their religion and is not present anywhere. In their religion only Wudhu, purification, Hajj Zakat is there and their religion ends there only. Their religion is such that they have enough time left after practicing religion. Mutahhajireen are narrow minded, narrow temperament, narrow vision and insensible persons who have done the interpretation of religion upside down. For them also Islamic Revolution has no importance. Both Mutahhajireen and Mujaddid (modernist) have nothing to do with this topic. For those believers who believe on everything which Allah has descended for them this Islamic revolution is an important topic. Similarly for the enemies this is the most important topic and is the only topic which pinches and are using all their ability to finish this. Today is 2018 and almost forty years are near to be completed for the Islamic revolution. There are multiple conspiracies that have been done almost daily and everything failed. At present all have united; the Arabs, Zionists, western world to defeat this revolution and everyone has pledged to finish this system. But the way Allah has given this revolution success and protected this from their evils, Allah will protect the revolution from these Fitnah’s as well.

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