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American policy for Afghanistan

American policy for Afghanistan

Feb 16,2018 Comments Download

In other fronts also important incidents have taken place. In Afghanistan severity has come and the government of Afghanistan has become weak and the opponents of government have become strong.  Taliban as per a formal statement has control over 70% of Afghanistan with Afghan formal government and ISIS having control over remaining 30%. America has made a new policy for Afghanistan and under this policy Afghanistan is become insecure. At present preparations are being made and all groups are becoming strong. Taliban has become strong to this extent that they can do whatever they want in Afghanistan. Since America is moving ISIS to Afghanistan and government was already under the control of America; now by joining government with ISIS America is planning not just something for Afghanistan but for Pakistan, Iran and China. The way they have used Afghans against Russia before now they want to use against these countries. It is apparent that the country against whom Afghanistan will be used that country will also carry out the retaliations in Afghanistan only. Thus Russia, Iran, Pakistan and China will reply in Afghanistan only and as a result big chaotic conflict will go at its peak and this has already started. In last few weeks such major incidents have taken place with big explosions in Kabul and important places.

America is adopting more severity against Pakistan and every day the accent, tone of America is becoming harsher. As per international analysis reports America is preparing to keep Pakistan under severe pressure. There will not be just statements but things will move forward and practical steps would be taken with Afghanistan as an excuse.

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