Political Markaz - American Opposition- First time in Pakistan History

American Opposition- First time in Pakistan History

American Opposition- First time in Pakistan History

Jan 12,2018 Comments Download

One of his ongoing foolish steps is related to Pakistan whereby he has kept Pakistan under severe pressure. Though there is not that much resistance in Pakistan as compared to what Iranians do against America but still this is the best and first time in the history of Pakistan that there is a wave of American opposition started in Pakistan and has become public. Now our rulers have become attentive that how destructive is the friendship with America and even the people have become attentive that friendship with America is very dangerous. This has happened first time but we are not prepared to declare our stand against them. Our rulers have taken some time to decide whereas he is abusing Pakistan every day and coming out with new blames every day. It will take some time for Pakistanis to rise against America. Trump has trigged this and that not just Pakistan but entire Muslim world should rise against them. For Pakistan he has strengthened his relationship with India and that is also for confronting China. Trump has stopped all aids for Pakistan. The Pakistan agencies have said that we have discounted intelligence information cooperation relationship with America and if this has really happened then this has been a big step taken in the history of Pakistan. If this has happened then this should not remain only up to slogan and you should practically break all cooperation with America as that would be basis of peace and stability in Pakistan. Till the time America does not stop blackmail and preserves the dignity of Pakistan all cooperation’s and relationship with America should be broken.

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