Political Markaz - American Conspiracy in Afghanistan for Pakistan and Iran

American Conspiracy in Afghanistan for Pakistan and Iran

American Conspiracy in Afghanistan for Pakistan and Iran

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An important event this week which is grievous is the repeated killings happening in Afghanistan. Few days back also there was an attack in a very secure area of Afghanistan from inside an Ambulance and 103 persons lost their lives. This is the 3rd big attack in ten days that has taken place in Kabul. Afghanistan at present has become center of terrorism the way they first made Syria and Iraq. After being defeated, humiliated from Syria, Iraq they have gathered all their resources and bringing them to Afghanistan. The purpose of bringing them to Afghanistan is not just to make Afghanistan insecure but instead the first purpose is to target Pakistan and Iran followed by China and Russia. The top of the list target is Pakistan and Iran. The left over skeleton of ISIS has been transferred to Afghanistan and they have made new policies for Afghanistan. They will make Afghanistan insecure and spread this insecurity in the entire region. In the upcoming days there will be more severity in Afghanistan. The preparations that were being made since last two years have reached its completion.

There are three entities in Afghanistan involved in this; one is the government that is puppet of America; the second group is Taliban and the third group is ISIS. Taliban is also an American group only but later they rebelled against America when it tried to control them. Then America made ISIS as the successor of Taliban in Syria, Iraq and was planning to make a Takfiristan government there and from there they will do operations and control everything. They will create Kurdistan, strengthen Israel; they will divide Turkey, Iran and Iraq into several small countries. This was their plan which totally failed and now the panic is there due to this failure on the American President and cabinet. Under this defeat they have turned towards Afghanistan and moving all forces there. The Taliban is against government and ISIS. ISIS is also against Taliban as well as government. Taliban is that group which established an Islamic infrastructure on the basis of religion and invited everyone but they failed. ISIS claimed their own Khilafat but that also failed and we all know the reasons for their failure. Now they have again returned back to the same first point. They have a blood thirsty army of Taliban and more than that is ISIS who have a big experience of blood shedding and they have means, resources. The government of Afghanistan is the puppet of America and ISIS is also under American control; the same way it was in Iraq whereby the Iraqi government and ISIS were both under America and they made them fight each other. The same thing they are now about to do in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan very quick the terrorism will increase and will spread out of Afghanistan. The recent Kabul attack was the third in last ten days and Afghanistan Taliban has accepted the responsibility. Pakistan is blamed to be supporting the Afghan Taliban. They claim that groups like Haqqani network and likes of it are supported by Pakistan. There is a possibility that the terrorist operations that are happening in Pakistan is not done by Taliban but done by ISIS. They are accusing Taliban for this so that they can punish Pakistan for the same. 103 persons were killed in this operation done through an ambulance in front of Ministry of Interior. This is something beyond Taliban even though Taliban is also organized, beastly, and merciless and experienced force but since on Afghanistan there is complete of America. The foreign Ministry is the place where the attack took place which is under very high security where even a pedestrian cannot walk. It is highly controlled area in which two ambulances loaded with explosives entered. Since the entire city is under American control it is impossible that this happened without the involvement of America. It is not possible that in such a sensitive and secure place controlled by America, Taliban can enter with two ambulances. This has been done by America only. Prior to this the attack was done on intercontinental hotel and in last few months more than five thousand persons have become victims of these attacks.

America will put all these operations in Kabul on the head of Pakistan. They will say Pakistan is doing all this and as a reply they will increase the severity of Drone attacks and from there they will take this case forward against Pakistan. America will trouble with Pakistan more and this is not because of Pakistan interference with Afghanistan but for the relation with China. All what America was doing in Pakistan is now taken over by China and this is unbearable for Pakistan. Hence the upcoming days are very important for Pakistan. It is a tough examination for Pakistan government, forces and even people because the Pakistani’s have proved that they do not take the right decision. They don’t take decisions in the interest of community. They bow down, submit and take disgraceful steps. With American pressure the way Parvez Musharraf submitted to America they are expecting the same to happen again. If Pakistan submits to American pressure and hands over everthing to America again then this would a big mistake. As this is a merciless America of Trump, first it was the America of Bush which needed Pakistan. Then Obama came and dealt Pakistan in his own way and did not consider Pakistan at all important in fact as burden. Trump considers Pakistan as an obstacle whereas Obama considered Pakistan as a burden which we should not bear any more. The strategy which Pakistan has adopted they consider Pakistan as obstacle. This is because Pakistan has given way to China and China is a big opponent of America. China and Russia together can bring down the power of America whose effects can be seen. At present the downfall of America has begun and can be felt and this downfall is under the leadership of china and Russia. America is under panic due to this.

Last week America did one more thing in the matter related to Qod’s. In the Qod’s issue when Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel after which protests started and in the UN general Assembly around 24 countries who take funds from America voted against. There were only few countries who voted in favor of America and rest all voted aginst them including Pakistan. America got very upset that how can those countries who take aids from us voted against us. They took some action now. Trump’s UN representative is a very bad character lady, Nikki Haley who has illegitimate relationships also with Trump. Though she said that I don’t have such relationships but American newspapers have exposed their scandals with pictures that they are bad character persons.

This lady Nikki Haley invited all the ambassadors of all the countries who take aids from America. This is the same strategy which Israel has adopted. Israel has trapped the Arab leaders of states through indecent women and they came under the trap of women. The same tactic Trump is also using now that through indecent women he is trapping the ambassadors, rulers of Muslim states so that they can attest American steps or at least not vote against them. When any issue rises aginst America they should not vote.

China and Russia have decided that they will object, oppose all policies of America at all possible levels which they were not doing before. Russia was not doing this before due to their internal difficulties and China was staying away as precaution. China before was a state with precautionary policies but now they have left all precautions and they are no more a conservative China instead become an aggressive China. Hence china and Russia have formally united to disgrace America everywhere. Recently America faced this disgrace twice. One was when they called a UN meeting related to the protests in Iran. In that meeting both Russia and China insulted America that this is an internal issue of a country and why you called this meeting. Now recently another international UN conference that took place there also they insulted America that you bring your useless policies to UNO and that time has ended and UNO cannot blindly do what America says. Now China and Russia will not remain silent and they will oppose America at every level. Now in this situation America is fighting the war for survival. It is fighting under dominance whereas in the past it used to fight as a superpower dominating others but now their battle is for survival. These two countries will chew America and hence American policies is with severity to either punish those states or trap them.

This filthy lady invited the ambassadors of these countries for dinner and we know what is offered in such dinners. There are such Middle East countries whose diplomats are ready to sell everything for money and women. These countries are also warned that if you support China and Russia we will stop all aids to them. They have stopped the aids of Pakistan and Egypt because they are not completely listening to American dictations. Amongst these nations they want to punish Pakistan and for this they prepared tyrants in Afghanistan. Fist ISIS was made to overcome Syria and Iraq; now it is the turn of Pakistan and Iran as both Pakistan and Iran are victims of similar issues. At present it is in the interests of both Pakistan and Iran to make a joint strategy and confront America in Afghanistan itself and not allow American intentions to be fulfilled. America will make excuses and carry out drone attacks in Pakistan; then they will take forward the Drone attacks which might come up to Islamabad and other places. Then there are other operations also expected by America. To reply America the strategy of Pakistan has never been to show resistance but this is the need of the hour and only way for Pakistan is to show perseverance and resistance. The government might not do this but not for the people, nation this is the best opportunity to get salvation from America. This opportunity has been provided by America only and we will never get an opportunity like this. If at this stage the entire nation can rise against America and give reply to America for every small operations of theirs against us. The way America is under pressure from other states from here as well they will be beaten on face. This way this tyrant country gets punished for the cruelty they have done in the last century and humanity gets salvation.

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