Political Markaz - America War with China Or Russia in 2019 Political Analysis

America War with China Or Russia in 2019 Political Analysis

America War with China Or Russia in 2019 Political Analysis

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Similarly at a global level also in 2019 there are dangerous plans seen. As per some analysts, 2019 is the year of wars as 2018 was preparation for war and in 2019 it will be a year of war. These who are looking at the global affairs, the lava that is cooking up. The possibility of war clouds which are hovering and the preparations are going in that direction, that is amongst America, China and Russia. Their situation is getting worst. These 3 powers are in ground though Russia and China are aligned to some extent, though their interest are different. They have both targeted America and it is possible that later they come in opposition. They can target two victims with one arrow.

If this war happens, then one thing is certain that it will be downfall of America. If this encounter proceeds, and turns into an armed battle from being a trade, cold war then America will end. Then how the world would be later no one can estimate. If these three countries get into war then the entire world has to get into this as there are all countries supporters of any of these. Like Pakistan is an alliance to China, if the situation between China and America worsens then Pakistan will come under its clutches. We pray that such situation should not happen, but our responsible persons should keep a deep eye on the global situation and plan our national affairs based on that. It does not look like that they have even eye on any internal affair. The statements which they issue in newspaper and steps they take, it looks like they don’t care about the situation. They are just after power. After coming to power also they are thinking about power. They want to put everyone outside their government into prison. This is our intention.

The opposition has formally announced that we will bring this government down. These statements have come out, which proves that those who are in power and outside power are not concerned with national and international affairs. They are only concerned about their power, chair and interests. We can infer this easily from their statements. This last week which has passed for the government. As I have mentioned that governments always try to keep the situation in control, peaceful and they want to show the people who have voted them, they have to plan for their future position but this government is not concerned about anything. In the last government the opposition protested but for this government the opposition is also not doing anything and are ready to go inside prison. Some have gone inside prison and some are ready to go inside.

The government is triggering every issue so that someone can come out. The last week was passed by our government to bring down the Sindh provincial government as there is peoples party government. They have made all sort of issues in Sindh so that something happens. They are not coming out, their leadership was arrested, and then at the end they said we will impose governor rule. Since Karachi people are hot minded; they tested Karachi and Chief Justice announced that if you put governor rule then I will finish that in one second. In a running system what is this foolishness. It is like they want people to come out intentionally on streets. Then what will you do with the people if they come out on the street? That is not known. In 2018 we were given tough time, economy issues, other issues and the military leadership has announced repeatedly and they presented a new terminology that Pakistan is going to face a new fifth war; which will be fought on social media, through terrorism, propaganda and various other ways and our forces are making atmosphere for that. When the military institutions are also attentive that the environment for war is being made; then why this strange behavior of government and such thing should not happen when there is war around.

Allama Iqbal has said that democracy is jugglery. The imperialism is a glamour and democracy is jugglery and wherever there is drama, jugglery then there would be spectators which is our people. They are getting excited and do not get concerned and moved as to what democratic games are being played with them as they do not realize that they are being targeted with that.

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