Political Markaz - America should assassinate Sistani to avoid disgrace in Iraq

America should assassinate Sistani to avoid disgrace in Iraq

America should assassinate Sistani to avoid disgrace in Iraq

Jul 02,2021 Comments Download

By - Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

America has attacked in Iraq and Syria on the Iranian depots and locations of Hashad us Shabi. And in both places these groups have attacked in retaliation on American bases. From both sides it looks like there will be clash with America and these groups as America is coming out openly in Iraq and Syria. One Iranian newspaper Keyhan published this report. Keyhan chief editor is a revolutionary person and world acknowledged expert. He is the one who leaks the most important news in favor of revolution. He has written in his newspaper that the Ex-American ambassador of Iraq has written letter to its Foreign Minister and United nations that America will have to face a big disgrace in Iraq if certain things are not done in Iraq by America. One thing which America has to do is separate politics from religion which means to control religious politics in Iran. The second thing he said was dreadful that the axis around which the religious politics is moving in Iraq is Ayatullah Sistani (d.a). I have said this before that most political Marjae e Taqlid in history of Najaf is Ayatollah Sistani. There have been other scholars in the past like Ayatollah Naeni who led political movements in Najaf but above all of them is Ayatullah Sistani. His specialization is that in his Fatwa’s he says that religion has nothing to do with politics but practically the politics which he has done has not been done by anyone else. This American ambassador has drawn the attention of CIA that this politics of Ayatullah Sistani is dangerous for us and it is Iran who is entering through this route. This accursed person has also written that do not wait for his death and get him out of the way. If you remove Ayatullah Sistani out of the way then there is no one to lead the religious politics in Iraq. There is no threat from anyone else.

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