Political Markaz - America’s new moves and economic sanctions on Iran

America’s new moves and economic sanctions on Iran

America’s new moves and economic sanctions on Iran

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The most important topic at present is Iran, Ale Saud, America and Israel is the circle which is the center of news. The fresh step which America has taken is to form an Arab NATO Force as there would be definitely war with Iran is what America has proposed them. It was there in the minds of Arabs that America will fight this war with the money of Arabs. Arabs will only give money to America to fight in their place. But the Americans have told them this time that this war you have to fight and this would not be fought by America or Europe. First also an alliance was created which was just for demo purpose and there was nothing practical. In that only the Pakistani General is there who was hired on salary. The Chief Justice also took notice of that as to why he went there. As per Pakistani law any high state officer of Pakistan cannot work for any other country for two years after retirement. We don’t know what the real story is inside and Chief Justice is questioning. The media somehow has taken notice of this and this is related to the situations in the region and in the upcoming days this will also be clear as to why this concern was triggered immediately after the elections. The media will only inform this but we have to wait. America has told them clearly that Arabs have to fight this war themselves. America is a making a force with all GCC countries to fight with Iran. The Arabs had this thought that if America does not fight with Iran then definitely Israel will do. In America the changes which have come in Trump rule is very high as every week he is changing ministers and key position officers. The biggest issue is that of Middle East. Trump keeps his persons and then removes them because they do not agree with his policy and confront him though they are from his party. The most important reason is this only. Trump has committed that you give me money and I will get Iran rid from you. They have made Iran as a big monster, which is very powerful, with missile, nuclear power and one day it will crush all the Arab nations.

The Iranian president has given this statement that we are not the enemies of anyone other than Israel. We are enemies of Israel because they have occupied our First Qiblah and they have made Palestinians homeless. Last week Iranian President has issued this statement that if Saudi Arabia and UAE leave enmity and malice towards Iran then we have no problems to bring the relationship to normal. Iran clearly says we have no enmity but the Arabs are firm because they have been threatened by America against Iran and have been told that only America can protect you. And for this protection there is a rent which is coming in to millions of dollars which all these Arab countries have to give them daily as this meter is running on. During the same period Mohammad bin Salman has transferred all the capital assets of the country to America and he desired to attack Iran. The past Foreign Minister Tillerson replied that this cannot happen and we cannot attack Iran. Trump removed him from the post and said to Arabs that I am ready to fight war with Iran but my cabinet is not willing. Arabs have money and they did lobbying and the cost of Arabs has increased. The Arabs were paying money before and now also they are doing it. The American Foreign Minister and other officers who were against attacking Iran have also been removed and now those ministers have come who are foremost in enmity with Iran. Now when Arabs are again asking America to attack Iran; Trump said that we cannot do this instead you have to attack on your own.

The reason for this is that when Trump has threatened Iran it was the first time that President Roohani gave a stern reply. President Roohani has always been a diplomat. He was the chief negotiator in ending the Iran Iraq war. He is considered as an expert of negotiation and the nuclear deal was also an example of this expertise of negotiation but Trump has spoiled his reputation. The image of Roohani which got developed in Iran due to his negotiation on nuclear deal was all crushed by Trump and as a result in revenge President Roohani became revolutionary and first time he issued a statement like a revolutionary leader. He said that if you go after Iran then you are playing with the tail of a lion. When the real revolutionaries who are present in Iran saw that their diplomatic President has become revolutionary they got the opportunity and came forward and issued strong statement. General Qassem Soleymani who is the head of the Iranian forces which fights outside Iran openly said to Trump that our Leader and President are seniors so for you I am enough. Your fight will be with me this means the war will not be fought inside Iran and I will decide where it will be. It will be fought in all those places where American bases are present. America knows that after making so many bases in various places in the world and then fighting with such a force whose main experience and role is to fight in other countries like fighting in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq then how can he secure his bases. Trump left this war and said leave it let the Arab NATO be formed and they will fight with Iran. Arabs are going to make a dummy NATO because they get everything done in rented way only. They have certain rented nations like Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan from where they get rented labor, women, police, forces. When they make a NATO they will take people from there. Their eyes are more on Egypt that if Egypt becomes part of this NATO then only Arab forces can fight Iran but Egypt is not in a position to encounter Iran. They have decided that a battle will be fought with Iran. Arabs are thinking that Americans should fight the war with Iran, if they don’t then Israel should do but both America and Israel are saying that this war has to be fought by Arabs and we will support you; we will provide weapons, technology and many other means but you have to fight yourself as we do not have the power to fight.

Trump has said that not a single drop of oil from Iran will get sold. This was the reason they put restrictions on Turkish Ministers because when Trump threatened Turkey to not buy oil from Iran, they replied why they should not buy when they are almost getting oil free. You want to develop your nation and want to destroy us. Similarly he applied pressure on China, Russia and India but they did not accept. Certain nations like Japan and Korea accepted and got all oil contracts terminated. Iranian President said this is senseless talk that all others can sell oil but Iran cannot sell? He said if Iran will not be able to sell their oil we will not allow others also to sell their oil. He said we have certain sea routes where the trading ships for oil passes which are under our control. There are two such important straits and both of them are under Iranian control. One such route is Strait of Hormuz which is under Iranian sea and other is the Strait of Babul Mandab which is under Yemen. Yemen is a very important strategic country from military perspective. It is a corner country which meets Indian Ocean and Red Sea. The Red Sea is the route which goes towards Egypt, and in this Red Sea is the Strait of Babel Mandab which Yemeni’s attacked and have closed that route for Saudi Ships.

Now Saudi has taken a new step. You have studied in Islamic history the region of Tabuk inside Saudi where Islamic battle also took place. Saudi has formally announced and handed over the entire big dessert region and also has sea along with it to Israel. Israel will make an ammunition depot here so when the war starts then Israel should be able to support Saudi. Israel has given a statement recently that if Strait of Babel Mandab is not opened again for Saudi ships, then Israel will formally send its naval forces in Babel Mandab and through land route as well Israel will attack Yemen. This is the latest statement of Israel and from this you can estimate that despite of all Arab alliance, Western powers , NATO and a power like Israel but they are not able to understand what they should do about Yemen. They are doing heavy attacks on Hudaydah, they have handed over Tabuk to Israel but still they don’t know what is to done about Yemen. We can say that their mouths are shut at present and not able to understand how to tackle Yemen and Iran.

There is one weak card of Iran which is in their hands apart from which Iran is strong from all perspective. When the Iranian President gave this strong statement to Trump it astonished the Iranians as well as the entire world that there is an aggressive revolutionary person present inside this smiling diplomat. He is telling Trump that you are playing with the tail of Lion and you will have to regret. This is a statement which comes out from the tongue of revolutionary leader and not a diplomat. Trump has proposed Iran for an unconditional dialogue. This is just a card which he has played with Iran because the actual tactic which is being used aginst Iran is different. This war atmosphere which he has created is not for Iran but is meant for extracting money from Saudi. It is like a feudal lord in a village who wants to get rid of a gang who are his enemies, hence he calls paid killers to get rid of this gang. These paid killers will not get rid of his gang because if they kill this gang then how they will extract more money from the feudal lord. Hence they always want to keep the sword hanging on the head of feudal lord. This is the situation of America, Iran and Saudi. Iran is that party which is hanging like a sword on head of Ale Saud.

Iran is not a danger but it is the Americans who have made Iran as a threat and Iran is saying that we don’t want war. They have made Iran as a threat because if this danger ends then the justification of extracting money out of Saudi will stop. Trump does not wants this milking cow should be herded by someone. They want to create such an environment till the time Ale Saud are present. They are god willing existing only for a limited period and very soon the earth will be purified from Ale Saud. There is a divine stratagem of Allah also against Trump and Allah is the best of deceivers; his deception will dominate all deceptions. The have made this plan to present Iran as a monster and continually take money from Saudi and they should give all their oil earnings to America. Now Israel has also jumped into it, bring its forces in Tabuk and they are preparing this way.

There is a big weakness of Iran from which Trump is taking full advantage. This weakness is also from inside Iran by some power hungry, authority worshipping people who always thought that they were born as rulers. They have shown this weakness of Iran to America and West that Iran will not succumb to any threats of wars and the more scandals of war you make against Iran it will become stronger. The only place where Iran gets defeated are economic sanctions. If they impose high degree of economic sanctions then Iran gets disturbed and gets into difficulties. This is what is happening as daily new sanctions, restrictions are being placed and Iran is coming under pressure as a result of which the Iranian currency is falling daily.

The currency of Iran has fallen down to the lowest even equal to Zimbabwe. In this perspective the inflation is going up in Iran, the needful commodities are getting expensive, people are getting anxious, and this is being inflated on social media. Rumors are getting spread that now people will not get bread, milk, meat, pulses, and vegetables and in such a big country people get scared when they listen to such things. People start to hoard things, they start to object and they have all hopes against Iran is from the sanctions. They want to put pressure on Iran of economy and people will come out in protests and this has started. There were two such waves which took place and now third wave is starting. In Isfahan there were two such protests. Small protests take place and the international media blows it up giving it a lot of importance. There is nothing happening generally. The majority are under pressure and disturbed but they are not participating in protests and the atmosphere which Trump wanted to create has not yet happened. But this is a big danger. If the Iranian nation, people do not demonstrate their insight and sense and get trapped under this tactic of Trump then it would be dangerous. The way the Leader has said that Trump is trying to apply pressure to arouse people so if the Iranian leadership is successful in convincing the people to demonstrate patience and if the same sense in the people always persists like before then this card of Trump will also fail and the way he has failed always before.

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