Political Markaz - America’s exit from Afghanistan – A new phase to counter China

America’s exit from Afghanistan – A new phase to counter China

America’s exit from Afghanistan – A new phase to counter China

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You can see Afghanistan is in state of war for forty years and in this we can divide in two phases. One from 1979 to 2000 as one phase of 20 years and then 2001 to 2021 as another phase of 20 years. The Afghanis were infants before in war and they were trained in Pakistan and financed by Saudi. Now they have forty years of experience and they have become highly mature including Taliban who have become more political now. At present the Afghan groups are taking support from foreign nationals. Iran also has a big interference in Afghanistan even though Iranians have not made any militancy group inside Afghanistan. These Afghan groups with all training, experience is preparing for a new encounter. They are giving this impression that Taliban has become victorious whereas the reality is that they are preparing for the next phase. Afghanistan has to become highly instable and insecure for which America does not wants to be accountable by being present there. This fire of instability would be in Afghanistan but the smoke would come in Pakistan.

Today whatever issues are there in Pakistan is outcome of that war. Now the battle that is about to start is with a strategy though in past it was for some clear objectives. The current battle is between America and China. In the past Russia was more powerful than America in terms of forces. China is not militarily superior to America though they are trying to manufacture weapons. The superiority with China is economic. Trump was prepared for war with China but he messed up. To fail the plans of China is one objective which are all economic plans. America wants to foil the CPEC plan of China. America tried to use India but nothing happened. Instead Chinese bashed the Indian forces in Ladakh and India faced disgrace, so now India cannot raise their heads if they touch CPEC. India knows it will cost a lot and will have to give Ladakh and many areas of Himachal to China if they interfere. They have tried to get China out from Pakistan through many means which have failed and only one way America thinks they can get rid of China is through terrorism. America believes that they can beat China as well like Russia through these Afghanis.

America wants to make Taliban stand in enmity against Pakistan for which they are demanding Air bases, though America can take from other countries as well. But still they are insisting to take Pakistan Air bases because if they do this then Taliban Pakistan friendship will end. Taliban has warned about this to Pakistan. America is leaving Afghanistan without placing any condition on Taliban. They have to gather all terrorists from across the region in Afghanistan. A conference is about to take place tonight in Mecca on religious affairs between scholars of Pakistan and Afghanistan under the banner of Bin Salman. All these preparations have been completed. Iran can also be disturbed through Afghanistan. In this battle the situation of Pakistan would not be like before. America has divided the opinion in two; one believes that we should give air bases and other says we should not as we will become enemy of Taliban. In Pakistan American friendship is always given priority.

All this was cooking from the time Trump said we are leaving Afghanistan and now the time has come to make it practical. In Pakistan there are maximum supporters of Taliban. It was not that they have emotional sympathy only. The groups that came under shadow of Afghan Jihad like Sipah e Sahaba are again getting revived. The defense analysts have said last week in news that with high extremity all these terrorist outfits are aligning and grounds are being prepared for them. In this situation when a problem comes in Afghanistan, they want a ground for practice. For terrorist the practice target is Shias to try out their terrorism skills. The Afghanistan Shias have expressed a serious danger threat. In reply to that the formal spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid has issued a statement in press that Shias are Muslims, they are our brothers and we neither on communal, visionary or political grounds possess any enmity with Shias. The Taliban delegation visited Iran and Iranians gave a full protocol to them. Iran also has this policy to end enmity with Taliban and establish friendship. And this statement of Zabiullah is giving an impression that Shias will be with us and supporting us. But the Taliban of Pakistan have no sympathy towards Shias. The Afghan Taliban’s have become political in last forty years and they are doing more political diplomacy. The Pakistan Taliban have severed hatred towards Shias. The scenario which is being made Shias are the topmost target. This topic should be understood seriously and find out ways to control the conspiracy being made by America in Afghanistan. We should cooperate with each other inside Pakistan and discuss this from now only and work out a communal strategy so that we do not sacrifice Pakistan for Afghanistan.

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