Political Markaz - America demands for CIA HQ in Pakistan using FATF card

America demands for CIA HQ in Pakistan using FATF card

America demands for CIA HQ in Pakistan using FATF card

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By - Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

The second worrying news about Pakistan is that since years global financial organizations have kept us under pressure in which American and other Pakistan enemy nations are also there. FATF is a money exchange control organization which observes the money flow if that is not used illegitimately for any terrorist activity. They observe this and they have put a lot of pressure on Pakistan and have disgraced Pakistan continuously. They have kept Pakistan under Grey list which means money flow in Pakistan is dubious. They want to bring Pakistan into black list which means everyone including government and banks are involved in terrorism, so this way they can impose restrictions on Pakistan. This is just a deception to control cash flow for terrorism because these nations are themselves dens of terrorism. They are ones who started terrorist in Pakistan and supported terrorist organizations. Pakistan did not have this much means to make a terrorist network it was all done by Arab nations on instructions of America and Western nations who want to destroy their opposition ideology in the region. They started terrorism and now taking accountability from Pakistan.

We have done mistakes which our PM repeatedly points out and two days back he said that to participate in Afghanistan battle was a foolishness of Pakistan which they did twice and now again discussions are going on for third time. The current government is accepting the mistakes and still these organizations are threatening Pakistan to put restrictions on Pakistan. Our rulers are weak to respond to them and generally they submit to them and do everything for them. They are making Pakistan to do many things, making laws and putting those in prisons who fought for Pakistan. Sometimes Saudi, France, India all pressurize India. Our FM is very weak. He was in People’s party in past and the People Party Chairman in Parliament said that when he was with us, then also he was not interested in Foreign Ministry and wanted to become PM. Such problems are there in FM whereby our FM is not active in fulfilling national interests.

The proof of this is when few weeks back our PM said that our ambassadors across the world do not work for Pakistan, they do not bring investments to Pakistan and are just involved in corruption and against this the Indian Ambassadors work hard for their country. The outcome of this is that every six months meeting of FATF they talk about Pakistan remaining in grey list. Many times Saudi, India, France and America kept Pakistan in FATF. Now also they have given 27 actions to be taken to arrest so and so people, seize bank accounts and many others out of which they fulfilled 26 and said one more would be accomplished soon but still they have kept Pakistan in gray list.

The PM and FM have both said that FATF is not a financial organization but a political and some other powers are using them. An American newspaper has reported that in this France meeting it was America who kept Pakistan in Grey list and did not clear because Pakistan is not giving air base to them. This is also an excuse which has been exposed by an Pakistan Senator who is the chairman of foreign affairs committee. America is asking a lot from Pakistan which even Pakistanis cannot even think. Now America is doing strictness but when Pakistan was loyal to America at the time of Zia ul Haqq, and even at that time America did not demanded such things which they are demanding now. This means there are some facts behind the curtain under which these are being done. Our PM has issued this statement three times in a week that come what pressure we will not spoil our relationship with China, we will not break our friendship with China and our we have strong relationship. This means there is a pressure that’s why he is saying this for three times in a week.

All this is done like asking for air base are all lame excuses because if the issue is about air base then why the discussion is going towards China. The pressure is building towards China whereby the actual agenda is to distance Pakistan from China. The deceptive planning that is going on in Afghanistan will bring China under pressure and there is a strong China Pakistan relationship and America is looking at this side.

America is asking so much that the current government which is under severe difficulties economically are also not able to fulfill its demands as it seems to be impossible. The Chairman of Pakistan senate’s foreign affairs committee Mushahid Sayed said that CIA has asked for a station in Pakistan to make their regional HQ. They are not asking for air base; they want to end CPEC. From Afghanistan they want to finish China, and for that they want Pakistan to end CPEC. And our PM has said whatever pressure you put on us we will not break our relationship with China.

In Security council meeting everyone agreed that we will not come under this pressure but they are not informing people. They should keep people informed and aware about this. And the people of Pakistan can save the nation and any country if people are with the nation, then no one can finish that nation. You can see the example of Yemen where people are not allowing Saudi to step on their land. And the Pakistanis know how to defend their nation and not pushed into battles of other nations. The PM has repeated this several times and again said that we will not participate in the war of others. At the same time he also said that we will participate with America in peace and not in war. The tone of PM has changed since sometime and now he speaks in measured manner. Our PM is saying that we will not commit the mistake to participate in Afghanistan battle as we have done this in past. This means a lot of pressure is coming on Pakistan but they are not involving Pakistani people.

It is excellent to say that we will not participate with America in war, but to say that we will join them in peace then also you will suffer the same way as in war. America is not a nation of peace, all the battles they have done till date was to establish peace. They went to Vietnam for peace, on Japan they bombed for peace, they went to Afghanistan, Iran for peace only. Every devilishness which America does is in the name of peace only. Hence if you participate in peace with them then it is same as war. The real demand should be we will not join this Satan America in anything. We are talking about confused things about Pakistan, if they do this, we will do this.

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