Political Markaz - America continues insulting Pakistan

America continues insulting Pakistan

America continues insulting Pakistan

Jan 26,2018 Comments Download

The relationship between Pakistan and America are tense. America has done a big humiliation of Pakistan openly and the American President, Ministers are all directly involved in this. Every day they issue an insulting statement or demand for which no reply from Pakistani’s are given. One interesting reply they have given that first Americans had to get Visa from the Pakistani Embassies in USA for visiting Pakistan but now Americans have no need to take advance Visa from Embassy instead they will be given Visa on arrival at Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi airport. This was the reply given by our government against the humiliation. Generally people break relationships call their ambassadors back and do protest but the reply they have given is that any American can now come to Pakistan airport and they will get Visa. There are several enemies of Pakistan living in America, there are so many supporters of Israel, India and enemies of Islam and our government has given all of them freedom to come here.  This is our government that has demonstrated the worst disgrace to them.

 One more insult which America did was the drone attack they did in Kurram agency on an Afghanistan camp. They attacked by drone and killed some terrorists of Haqqani network as per them. It is clear that these drone attacks on Pakistan even on terrorists means an attack of one country on another country. The drone comes over our land, attacks and goes back but they don’t have courage to stop them or bring it down with anti-aircraft weapons which they have. They don’t do this because they have openly said that we have given you 36 billion dollars in 15 yrs. Once someone has eaten 36 billion dollars in 15 yrs then they cannot even raise their eyes; this was eaten by the rulers and not by the Pakistani nation; they have not eaten 36 billion dollars. The Pakistani nation, people are also not replying to the humiliation done by America. The reason is the way the government has orientations and dependency on America the people are also like this only. Everyone wants to get Visa of America, they want to send their children to America to study and they want to settle there. They raise slogans of Death to America with their tongue but practically there is no reaction towards the disgraceful behavior which America has shown towards Pakistan. As if they have given the rights to Trump to do all this because they have paid this much money to us before. Trump has also said that those countries whom we give aids cannot participate in any voting against America in international organizations. In the case of Qod’s, Pakistan voted against America then America has given this recent statement. This kind of continuous humiliation is ongoing with Pakistan.

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