Political Markaz - America blacklists Pakistan as country without religious freedom

America blacklists Pakistan as country without religious freedom

America blacklists Pakistan as country without religious freedom

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America has increased pressured on Pakistan in a severe manner. The sign of the pressure was seen by one announcement they made yesterday whereby they blacklisted Pakistan as part of countries who do not give religious freedom. This means these are countries in which minority religious living in the country area not given religious freedom. Like Christians, Bahaee, Qadiyaani, Hindus are not given religious freedom and even within Muslims there are certain sects who are not given freedom for practicing their faith. They had kept Pakistan in the watch list and now America declared as black listed, along with Iran. They have not included India where they believe that there is complete religious freedom. In India where there is no religious freedom in Kashmir and in the name of cows several Muslims have been killed but they have not taken the name of India but included Pakistan. This is all done to increase pressure on Pakistan.

Our people for the sake of pleasing the West, America did several things. They started the drama of Asiya Bibi. A criminal woman who has confessed that I have insulted Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). She was prosecuted and not just that they pardoned her but also released her. Then resistance started and the country was then led into a big crisis by a religious group. They wanted to set the entire nation on fire.  They used such extremist statements of killing judge, chief of army and PM is no more Muslim and should be killed. When the religious people do such things on the call of their leaders, then what will happen to the country? This all happened because of external pressure; they freed that woman and now they have blacklisted you. You cooperated with them so much and see what they did with you. You suffered so much that such kind of extremism took place in Lahore. This was the highest security risk which the state took first time to please them and America was not pleased and they black listed you that you are not giving freedom to religious minorities. 

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