Political Markaz - Ale Saud tyranny beheads 37 innocent Muslims

Ale Saud tyranny beheads 37 innocent Muslims

Ale Saud tyranny beheads 37 innocent Muslims

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This tyrant, cruel family of Ale Saud and this donkey Bin Salman has beheaded many innocent Shia and non-Shia Muslims. Around 37 innocent civilians were beheaded due to their barbarism and show their cruelty. There were around 33 Shias including some scholars. They were kept under prison since long and had no crimes, like being in any terrorist activity. Just because they are Shias and they dislike Ale Saud and stand aginst oppression.

The way their chief, the martyr Sheikh Nemr had no crime, but just challenged them that you are oppressors and they beheaded him. From that time those scholars who were in prison are being martyred brutally but there is silence across the world on this open atrocity and no voice was raised. Some ineffective organizations have raised voice but no effective organization has done this. The entire history of Ale Saud is of tyranny and from that time this family came up, the biggest thing they have done is killing of Muslims , both Shias and sunnis. 

On one hand today they are raising the voice of liberalism and balance, but in Shia enmity they are with the same extremism to oust Shias. Since Ale Saud are ruling in Saudi they catch them easily but not that they are only enemies of Shias in Saudi, but wherever Shias are there in the world they are their enemies In Pakistan also their pets are present who have the same enmity against Shias. In Pakistan also there is a wave whereby they pick Shia youths and take them in hidings. They do not hand them over to courts and youths are missing since years. This kind of atmosphere is there in Pakistan and it is evident that the package which Bin Salman has shown to Pakistan that i can reward you against several delegations of tasks one of them is enmity of Shias and the effects are on other countries as well.

The way their history of barbarism, terrorism is there of Ale Saud then on the other hand the history of Shias is also of blood, martyrs, resistance, perseverance, stability and Shiite is passing through similar situations since 1400 yrs. There was mass bloodshed in Iraq by Saddam and ISIS but still the Shias have their head raised. Similar the tyrants in Bahrain have done extremist tyranny on Shias. They are trying to kill and cleanse Shias but their deficient intellect does not tells them that this pure tree which has been watered by blood, become more green and grows by blood shedding. This has happened in history and same will happen also in history. This cursed tree of Ale Saud will be destroyed with this blood of innocents. Their oppression will not remain safe from the wrath of Allah and they will be destroyed very soon.  

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