Political Markaz - Ale Saud The barbaric family 

Ale Saud The barbaric family 

Ale Saud The barbaric family 

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Ale Saud - The barbaric family 

Ale Saud is nearly a century old now. They started in 1903 and this family started to came into power. In 1932 they captured several areas of Hejaz in barbaric battles. The bloodshed they did and the lowest brutally they had was to behead. All the sects which were present in Arab lands; they beheaded them, slit their stomach, burnt them alive and this history is present on internet in various language. It is a bloody history of this family and that famous personality Lawrence of Arabia, a British spy who made the entire plan of Arabia; got them out from Ottoman Empire and they designed all this after oil was found. 

This Ale Saud when they came into existence, they changed the name of Hejaz on their family name. This is the only land in the world which is known by its ruling family. Saudi Arab is not their historical name. Like in India many regimes, communities came there to rule but they did not change the name of India. Muslims, British, Spanish, Mongolians, Turks all came but no one changed the name of India to their own family name like Moghulistan.

This is the first land in history; where a family captured a land through an extremist religious group and the first step they took was to give their family name to the country and gave it the name of Saudi. The entire world quietly accepted. The oil came out form this land which enhanced their assets. Then this country played a significant role in the Muslim world.

The hatred, sectarianism done in Islamic world done by Ale Saud has not been done by any ruler or government before. They spread Takfirist, they divided Sunnis, they spread hatred against Shiite and their systems ran like that. The west took full advantage from them to sow discord in Muslim world; to gain from oil; to create Israel they took advantage form them and all this in in recorded history.

The family went on committing such heinous crimes and this same evil person who is coming openly confessed all this. Since he is not a politician, as he is a barbaric, insane person but having wealth. When man has wealth but not intellect, then he will speak out everything. He has power instead of intellect. He openly said everything, but if he had sense he would not have exposed everything. He said openly that he will make a modern Saudi by 2030 and Wahabbiat will end. He said openly in a TV media interview, press conference that we made Wahabbiat on Foreign intervention and now Wahhabiat has to end.

This is because America wants this extremist group should end. Now they should make Saudi as Secular, liberal state. Now instead of Wahhabi scholars, you need singers, dancers who do contests. If you see in global media and even in Saudi media you can see these things going on. 

The Pakistan media does not show all this. This famous singer Rahat Fateh Ali khan was planned to visit Saudi for Qawwali program. Then similarly the western singers, dancers from Egypt and all are coming there. They had no cinema before which they are making. This is the announcement of MBS that they have to end Wahhabhiyat and make it a secular, liberal state. The big thing he did was the opening ceremony of a big casino in Jeddah through the hands of Imam E Kaaba. When all these mischiefs start from Kaaba, what will remain of Muslims? History is full of their evil deeds and I don’t get into that more.  

This current ruler has come in a specific trend and at their back is America. America has openly said that they are milking cow whom we have to use. Trump said this that this cow, produces dung also sometime, which we should ignore. We should not look at their evils but look at the milk. There is a big anxiety going on in America, between congress and Senate. 

In senate a big movement has started that MBS is a killer of Jamal Khashoggi, and he should be removed from the position of Crown prince and suspended from government, Trump is stubborn that he will remain as Crown Prince as we have agreements with him. There is a debate between Senate and congress every day. It is a strong possibility that in this state of him being Crown Prince he might be finished. As lot of things are happening and can happen in Saudi Arabia. There can be a coup, rebellion, battle within royal family members and many things are in state of happening.  

He has many crimes and all his family; specifically he and his father. There are two crimes which are prominent amongst all the crimes they have done which has made the world sensitive towards them. The two crimes which has made the western world sensitive is the killing of journalist in Turkey and the second is Yemen war. The Yemen war is being ignored by America since there is money in exchange of that. American President has announced and you can see what Trump said one year before and what our rulers are saying now is the same.    


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