Political Markaz - Aggression of MI6 Shia in Pakistan

Aggression of MI6 Shia in Pakistan

Aggression of MI6 Shia in Pakistan

Apr 27,2018 Comments Download

One more important point of attention is that there is an aggression of MI6 Shia in Pakistan and India. There is a big aggression which they have started. MI6 is a British agency who for the sake of termination of Islamic Revolution and the thoughts of Imam Khomeini (r.a) have created a sect within Shias. The function of this sect is to insult the sanctities of Ahle Sunnah, to create discord within Shias, to accuse the Marajae, insult them and promoting such affairs is their entire determination. In this they are using the Shirazi family. Since the Indian, Pakistanis are more prepared to fuel Fitnah as compared to others. The speed at which a Fitnah gets brewed in this region it does not happens anywhere else.  It is witnessed in history as well that certain Fitnah’s were started at the same time globally but were not successful anywhere else but were successful in Pakistan and received a warm welcome. There are people ready to be sold out over here; you can make them do anything, take any step against religion, community, nation and against anyone you can find them. They get these resources from Pakistan hence they have started an aggression on Pakistan. They are sending various types of characters, they promote them in various manners, they give them honor, and they use the political connections of them. Since at the back of them agencies are present which have an impact on our government. MI6 delivers a global role. It is the mother of CIA and CIA has also been bought up in the laps of MI6. MI6 is giving all types of teachings to these sect with Shia and we have to be attentive that this Fitnah is raising their heads here.

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