Political Markaz - Aggression in Palestine and Kashmir by their common enemy

Aggression in Palestine and Kashmir by their common enemy

Aggression in Palestine and Kashmir by their common enemy

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In International issues the most grievous situation is with Kashmir and Palestine. On 30th March the Palestinians celebrated the Earth’s day and did a symbolic march towards the border of their land. Since they have been removed from the lands and Jews have usurped their lands they give this message to their generations that this land belongs to them. This is a highly esteemed activity which the Palestinians carry out every year but this year they did this with much larger arrangement. Since this year America wants to move their Embassy to Jerusalem; the Palestinians in reply to this are commemorating this Earth’s day in a unique manner this year. On this Earth’s day the Palestinians make their generation remember that our land is not these camps but it is the entire land of Palestine which has been occupied by Israel. This year they carried out a procession of hundreds of thousands people from Gaza towards the border and the Israeli beasts fired on them on ground, with drones and seventeen Palestinians were martyred and more than 1500 were injured. This barbarism was demonstrated by them. Then just one day later a similar act was repeated in Kashmir whereby India army attacked the Kashmiris and martyred seventeen Kashmiri. Seventeen got martyred in Palestinian on 30th March and then again seventeen on 1st April in Kashmir and multiple injured. The Kashmiri’s fought against this aggression and in reply some Indian army personnel were killed. Now in both Palestine and Kashmir it is the state of uprising whereby all men, women, children are in the field and these places have turned into a battlefield. Both the Palestinians and Kashmiri’s did not succumb to any form of fear. Even though with Kashmiri’s there has been a big historic treachery and many treacherous persons have sold Kashmir but the people of Kashmir are still struggling for the independent stature and position. They are giving martyrs and ready for giving martyrdom. The reason behind the similitude of acts in both Palestine and Kashmir is because of Israel and India close friendship and hence both fronts have adopted a similar face.

The bigger pain and grief is that entire Islamic world is silent except some organizations, parties whose function is to present themselves as live in media. On such occasions they issue statements that we are with Kashmir and Palestine but apart from these words they have not done anything; neither for Palestine nor for Kashmir. They have not provided any support or help to Palestine, Kashmir. Neither the international Muslim organizations, nor the Arab league or the Muslim rulers; no one issued a statement. There has been one verbal conflict which was only limited to statements whereby Turkish President Erdogan criticized the killer Netanyahu and in its reply Netanyahu also condemned Tayyip Erdogan. These were just some oral expressive statements by the Turkish Premier whereas the Israeli embassy is still present in Turkey and Turkish embassy is present in Israel. They have a high level trade agreement between the two. Turkey takes a big arms supply from Israel. They do all this drama as well that on the outward they criticize each other but behind the scene they have very good relationship.

The most disgraceful role has been of Arabs and within Arabs the one who are most abased, lowly is Ale Saud. This accursed family has crossed all limited. Mohammad bin Salman at present is in America where he has given some interviews and there itself he has accepted the existence of Israel. After this brutal killings of Palestinians he issued a statement that Israel has the rights to exist and stay on their lands, they are free. He has formally given a statement in the favor of Israel and criticizing Palestinians. They are the most disgraceful people.

The security chief of UAE has tauntingly appreciated Pakistan. They do this every few months and has done this again. He has said that it is the communal responsibility of our Emirates (which are sacred lands for Pakistani’s) that Pakistani’s are a dangerous community and we should stop them from coming on our lands. This is the statement from the Chief Security officer of United Arab Emirates. He said they have got drugs on our land, they import arms, they carry out thefts and he declared Pakistani’s as the biggest threat for Arab lands. This is the situation of Arab nations as regards to Pakistan and this is the reward which they have given to Pakistan for the services Pakistani’s have given to these Arabs. You are aware that the Pakistani’s have made these Arab countries with their own hands. They have made their homes, big towers and now also they are doing their kitchen, garden work; they wash their cars, they herd their camels, wash their toilets and bear all form of disgrace for serving them. From these Arabs they have got this medal that Pakistani’s are dangerous people and if you want to save your nations then the Pakistanis should be banned from entering Arab lands.

A replica situation has developed in both Palestine and Kashmir which is due the agreement which is there between India and Israel. And the reaction of Muslim world is the same for both which is being unconcerned, careless and negligent about both of them. The treacherous rulers of the Muslim world are all silent but more astonishing is that even the Muslim nations, people are silent and from none of the Muslims countries any specific reaction is seen neither for Kashmir nor for Palestine. But both these communities have made this determination and conviction to struggle. The Kashmiri’s realized later than Palestinians. The Palestinians also for forty years were dependent on Arab nations who made this as an Arab issue and wanted to get liberation for Qod’s and Palestine. But later the Palestinians realized that they are betrayers who are ready to sell us. Egypt, Jordan and all Arab nations one by one sold them and now the Gulf nations have also openly done the deal with Israel but the Palestinians are out in the field.

The Palestinians did this rally with the title of returning towards our land. They gave martyrdom and watered this rally with the blood of martyrs and these martyrdom will make this movement more firm. Similarly the Kashmiri’s also have realized now, even though late that we should not compromise or rally on treacherous who have betrayed Kashmir. The Kashmiri youths and the people are attentive that we have to get our rights by the power of our arms. Our prayers are with these two oppressed nations that may Allah grant them salvation from these oppressive regimes.



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