Political Markaz - Afghanistan – New Design for a New Game

Afghanistan – New Design for a New Game

Afghanistan – New Design for a New Game

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Q&A with Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (h.a)
Q1. As you aware that Pakistan and other media believe the Taliban has played an active role in America’s exit from Pakistan the way in the past, they (Taliban) persuaded Russia to leave they have done the same for America. Can you please throw some light on this? 

A1. I am thankful to you all for providing this opportunity so that we can be aware about the realities of the incidents, events and at time crisis in the Muslim world. The information that is coming through media is not correct at all times and instead of reality something else gets presented. To be aware with the right information at the right time itself is a great bounty from Allah and Allah has done this for Prophets through revelations and through education for others. 

Afghanistan has always been a topic in the world and no new era has passed where Afghanistan was never under discussion. The way Quran has expressed about man that in every era man has been a subject of discussion. History has always mentioned Afghanistan in the incidents of era and it has never been a lost land. In relevance to the sub-continent we can see Afghanistan has always been active because all those who invaded India came via Afghanistan apart from the British who came by sea route for trading. 

Today we are discussing Afghanistan is because one it is an important country in Islamic world and there is great nation living there. Apart from being part of Islamic world in the last 3 to 4 decades whatever has happened in Afghanistan has affected the atmosphere around it and specifically Pakistan. And now one more wave is about to start in Afghanistan for which Afghanistan is being prepared for a much worse situation and hence our generation should be aware about what is happening in our neighborhood. 

Let us first see what kind of land is Afghanistan so we can recognize its identity. It is like we know the geography, climate of a particular land properly then we can analyze it as well correctly and make proper arrangements as well when we have to visit there. Like we make specific arrangements when we visit a hot or a cold land. Hence, we have to understand what kind of land is Afghanistan. If I summarize this then I can quote that Afghanistan is a land of severe conflicts. It is not just exclusive to Afghanistan because many other lands like Pakistan are also land of conflicts. Even if you see India then there is Hindu religion which has always preached peace but today the same Hindus have started extremism. And more than Hindus are Buddhists and you can see what happened in Myanmar. The Buddhists are way forward in terms of peace and in their religion, you cannot even hurt an insect. In Hinduism they do not eat meat because blood is shed of animals but today the same religious people have done shameful, oppressive acts against Muslims. This is controversial that on one hand you are peaceful to animals but at the same time you do aggression on Muslims. If you see in our country Pakistan the religious passion is highly severe where Muslims belong to various sects with high passion. One impressive specialty of Islam is its ethical aspect where Islam has presented high human values in societies which have become valueless. In our country you discuss about anything you will not be hit by bullets or abuses but when you discuss about religion you will face abuses, bullets and they do not forgive anyone. These are controversies and conflicts.

Afghanistan is also a land of controversies and conflicts but of highly extreme nature. In last forty years what we have heard from Afghanistan is war, conflicts, aggression, migration and these are daily news. But if you take the history of Afghanistan before this you will see knowledge, mysticism, culture and prominent scholars you will see from Afghanistan like Mulla Rumi, Ibn Sina and many more. The way Allama Iqbal has expressed positively about Afghanistan. The way on one side Afghanistan has given great personalities to humanity and today we see war, battles and conflicts. 

Such controversies take place when a nation becomes victimized with severe crisis then such controversies emerge out of it. When you see Afghanistan all the philosophical, intellectual and scientific visions and formulas have been proven wrong by Afghanis. There is no social, political or religious rules or policies applicable to Afghanistan. This means for other countries we can say why something is happening but for Afghanistan is very complex. 

In the past Afghanistan was only tribal but today’s Afghanistan is not tribal. It has tribalism, communalism, religion and democracy as well. All these things which were found separately in different countries you will find all together in one place in Afghanistan. When such things are gathered in one place without any policy or system then it creates controversies. It is like when you cook food you place all ingredients in proper quantity but if not done properly then you know what kind of food comes out.

What is about to happen today in Afghanistan it is not something new but in fact is another phase of what is going on there since last forty days. There are many dimensions of what is happening in Afghanistan. The forces today in place in Afghanistan who are trying to create a strong foothold there; if you see from geographical or economic perspective there is no attraction in Afghanistan except for tourism because there is an ancient history. The reason for no attraction for traders is because it is a dry land with no sea around and there is no such industry inside country which can make Afghanistan a center for something as there is no agriculture as well. With no such attraction we can still see since half century Afghanistan has become a center of attraction for the entire world. So what is present in Afghanistan for which the superpowers and Satanic powers are investing in Afghanistan, placing their forces and other countries also who are even far from Afghanistan like Arab nations are also seriously interested in Afghanistan? This means there is something in Afghanistan which draws attention of the world there. And that is the reason that Afghanistan became a land of encounters.

These encounters started with Russia when Russians were a massive united soviet nation with Europe and America quite small as compared to them. The Russians were conquering slowly every land based on their power. There was one shortcoming for Soviet Union. Though it was a vast land but the region for oil where sea with warm weather is required was not present or approachable to Soviet Union. There were other countries in between like Iran, Pakistan, India and Russia becomes deprive of these oil seas. 

In Afghanistan communal people supported the vision of communism. The tribalism nd communalism was very strong in Afghanistan and when this got sweetened with the ideology of communism a strong communist group came into power in Afghanistan and Russia took their help and invaded Afghanistan, placed their forces there and the purpose of Russia was not directly Afghanistan but instead enter Afghanistan through Afghan communist groups and from there reach Pakistan, Iran and use their coasts. This was the fundamental purpose of Russia the same which China has today. Russia wanted to do this with force whereas China is doing it through wisdom. 

There were two power blocs at that time one was America and other Russia. And America already has faced defeat in Vietnam by the hands of Russian. When America saw that Russia is approaching the Middle East region then it orders to avenge the disgrace they suffered before and to counter Russia the Americans started operations in Afghanistan. Since on major Muslim countries America was effective, they used these Muslim nations to start war with Russia and involved Afghanistan in this. Pakistan was in a dire situation due to an illegitimate government in place which needed global attestation hence they jumped into this battle. Pakistan supported America in this battle to strengthen its own power, this way America got access to Afghanistan through Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries participated to support America. And this war came to an end where Russians were defeated and left Afghanistan. The Afghanis celebrated that we have been victorious.

The same scenario is being repeated now again. In past Russia was controlling Afghanistan and America stepped in to get Russia out, and now America was dominatingly present in Afghanistan and Russia became effective to make America leave Afghanistan.  Since the land of Afghanistan possess these traits, whereby communalism, tribalism, religiousness is high has made Afghanistan attractive for external powers. 

Today the group of Taliban which is expressing happiness and victory needs to be understood how they came into power and governance. And the opportunity which this group has been given today is related to the history of the last forty years. America has announced that it is leaving Afghanistan and for a certain period they made an excuse of negotiations. They are not leaving due to the outcome of negotiations but instead they are leaving for their own benefit and strategy. Like when due to World War II Britain had to leave India due to their own problems and at the same time there were freedom movements going on in India as well. These movements thought that we have made British leave India. The British had to exit as per their strategy and they had done their work in India and was costly to stay there. It was the era of Imperialism and that Imperialistic regime had to leave based on their own reasons and today is the era of Arrogant powers and they are leaving for their own reasons and justifications. First it has to be decided whether they are really leaving, or they have mentioned explicitly in any of their contract or anyone can claim that they are absolutely leaving Afghanistan? They are just removing their forces and with this movement of forces neither America is leaving Afghanistan on their own and nor they are become unconcerned, instead to make Afghanistan enter into next phase they have taken this step. 

Q2. Can we say that America is leaving due to non-achievement of its goals in Afghanistan? And in every country where America has invaded did the people of those countries gain or loose anything? 

A2. To answer this point whether America has been successful or not in their objective first we have to understand what were those objectives for which America entered Afghanistan. If we say that they came to establish peace in Afghanistan then definitely they have failed, if we say they came to make Afghanistan to make it an American province then also they are defeated or if we say that they came to eradicate Taliban then also they have failed. If we list these as the objectives then we can say America was defeated. But if we say that none of these were its objectives for peace, to finish Taliban or establish American state and none of their past leaders and commanders every quoted these as objectives. There are no economic benefits also present in Afghanistan. The natural resources present in Afghanistan are stone mines and opium drugs and America itself has become reservoir of drugs present.  

I have mentioned before that America has no interest in Afghanistan before. I remember in 2001 when America attacked Afghanistan and first missile hit Afghanistan the news came out. The atmosphere was made after 9/11 and everyone was waiting for the attack. I was in Iran and when we opened TV an interview was going on with an Iranian origin American professor.  The anchor asked him about the reaction of American nation about this attack on Afghanistan. The Professor said it is morning and we have just seen this news and we will have breakfast, after this we will bring out the map of world and find out where Afghanistan is located in the world geography. This is because an ordinary American think that the world population ends after the coastal shores of America and there is all sea after this. The Americans might think the Afghanistan is inside America or some neighboring country. This means the Afghanistan has no significance for Americans that they never thought about it. But you can see that the same country with all its forces camps in Afghanistan with no economic benefits as well present. For Arab nations there is oil for which America wants to keep its dominance. There is no materialistic attraction in Afghanistan.  So what were the objectives of America to Afghanistan.

1.    The first objective was to push Russia out of Afghanistan in 1989 and they were successful in doing this that too without sending their own forces. They persuaded as superpower to leave without getting a single soldier of theirs killed. They achieved this objective through Muslims and their religious passions coupled with their senselessness. This was a big achievement that a superpower achieves such a goal without a single scratch on their people. You might have seen this news and many columnists have captured this. There were many organizations at that time who became Mujahideen in Afghanistan at that time and amongst this one was Jamaat e Islami.  One of the Afghanistan leaders who were supported by Jamaat e Islami was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who attended a convention also of Jamaat e Islami few days back. The General Secretary of Jamaat e Islami, Amirul Azeem raised a question to Hekmatyar in his opening speech. I was not present there but one columnist took this point of Mr. Amirul Azeem as a question and after which Mr. Azeem and others also replied with another column. That question was that Amirul Azeem asked Gulbuddin and other delegates that today America is sitting with his forces and war machinery inside Afghanistan but why they did not come with their own forces at that time (war with Russia). Why they did not fight the entire war with their forces? This is a very important point. That columnist asked Amirul Azeem that why you did not raise this point at that time, and you all participated in this encounter without questioning America as to why you are not bringing your own forces in Afghanistan. This in political terminologies is known as Proxy War. The Proxy war takes place when two very strong powers if they directly confront each other then destruction could be very large to both and also others. Like Soviet Union and America both had nuclear weapons and if these weapons would have been used then the entire world would have been destroyed in hours.

This point was clear to everyone that both America and Russia wanted to establish global sovereignty exclusively for themselves. They were not tolerating participation of anyone else. If two elephants fight directly would be devastating war. In this situation they fight their battle on a third ground through a third party. This means their representatives, rented or bought out people come out to fight in the field for some other. The battle of Russia was fought by Afghanis not with America but with those Afghanis who were representing America. This means Afghanis got divided into two parts; one was those in government with famous names governing who were representing Russia. The Mujahideen were also Afghanis and both Afghanis killed each other. The ones representing America killed those Afghanis representing Russia and vice versa. This proxy war is now growing fast across the world. Thus the first objective of America to enter Russia was to kick them out and they were successful.

2.    When America entered Afghanistan through the proxy war, they studied Afghanistan very deeply and they did not posses this in-depth knowledge of Afghanistan in past. There was no American desk or a big embassy in Russia in the past. A country which does not has interest in a country they have a very low-level Embassy in that country. But for countries where you have interested the Embassies are made in acres. Today you can see the American Embassy is so massive that many forces can go inside, there is an airport inside, there is training center and it is bigger than any other center in Afghanistan. It has a city inside. They are not closing that done, they are just removing NATO forces. The power which is inside the Embassy they are not removing. After removing Russia America also left Afghanistan then why America returned to Afghanistan again?

The assets which America has made in Afghanistan which were the Jihadi’s, the Mujahideen and such assets are not wasted. These Mujahideen were made by America and they used it and America thought that they will return back to their own places and we will reuse them when required. The mistake which they made here was when you make a civilian militancy force, training them on military lines and when they become war commanders then they never come back to their routine normal life. You can bring a drug addict to normal life but someone who has tasted blood you cannot get them back. This is a weakness of human being. America trained these Mujahideen, gave them most modern weaponry and got them to this level to fight a dreadful war. The war which Iran fought and became victorious against Iraq, they purchased weaponry from these Mujahideen which America had given them and they were selling to Iran, an example of this is Stinger missile by which a person can shoot an aircraft. When this news came out Iran has got Stinger missile it created a chaos because the depot of Stinger missile was in Pakistan and used to be distributed amongst various Mujahideen groups like that of Hekmatyar, Rabbani. The famous Afghani commander Masoud were those people whose news used to be on top and they had war weaponry with other means they had with the treasures which Arabs and America had opened for them. There was a glamor in Pakistan for these Mujahideen as the goods that were coming for Afghanistan had made Pakistan a paradise. We remember the goods that were coming for Afghani refugees were dying in camps where those who were in charge of those camps had made palaces for themselves. 

When Russia left Afghanistan, they miscalculated and left Mujahideen on their own that they will return to their old chores like business, farming, jobs, studies whatever they were doing. Those who were so highly facilitated during the Russian war were not having food to eat after the war. These Mujahideen started to form groups. As they had come from across the word like Saudi, Morrocco, Egypt, Tunisia, etc. Their leader whose names are known like Osama, Zawahiri and till date some are still present in Pakistan. These leaders made their own organizations like Al Qaeda and this was done in one house in Hayatabad area Peshawar and some of their members were Pakistani and some non-Pakistanis. Mr. Imran khan on his visit to America mentioned that this was our mistake and we should not have done this. When these groups became strong Waziristan region was vacated and given to these non-national Arabs. They got married and were in big numbers. They were under this assumption that they will stay there and whenever we need them, we will use them. But since they had become dreadful, they made their own organizations and they started to fight amongst themselves in Afghanistan when Mujahideen took control. They started activities in Pakistan and some even made international America. This was the mistake and negligence by which America left their own asset.

 If they would have done like France that would have been better. This does not come on media and I also got this news from a retired Army office who was part of this venture. Many big criminals and Dons who run away from police and no none gives them refuge. France had made one island specifically for these fugitive criminals. They find them globally, bring them to this island and train them though they are themselves very dangerous persons and are further trained. This way France has made a secret force which does many things which gets associated with someone else. In Lebanon France created a big chaos through this army only but when Hezbollah stepped in France had to run out from there. Recently also when noise was made in France where retired French army personnel wrote letters that we want to announce a war against Muslims else Muslims will start a war against us. This is not the official French army. This is the same secret force which has no rules, regulations, humanity and are beastly. The blackwater are also kids in front of them. 

Those who became lord wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan were of this criminal nature. They gathered from across the region forming armed groups to bring pressure on the country. The Mujahideen fought with extremism amongst each and killed top commanders of either side. It was a fearful battle in Kabul where Mujahideen were fighting with each other and thousands were killed. In this situation to control Mujahideen they designed Taliban which was done by America and Pakistan. The foreign nationals formed their own organizations and Pakistani made their own organizations. There was already sectarianism inside country and they got opportunity in Afghanistan to participate in sectarian acts. When these Mujahideen became rebellions, so to control them they made Taliban. 

They were a fresh force made in Peshawar, they were taken to one region of Afghanistan to start their operations and established peace in their own style. Taliban had a lot of money and they fought less as compared to the finances they were given to them. This way Taliban got established in Afghanistan. The Mujahideen got either killed, dispersed or arrested. Taliban got complete control and they became enemies of Mujahideen. After this those Arab groups who had made their organizations like Osama went into agreement with Taliban and got connected. Now America realized when all this had happened whereby these rebellion independent groups had already organized and joined Taliban as refuge. Now they started opposing America, Jihad in Arab countries, inside Pakistan and lot of fame started for Taliban whereas inside them were the same Arab groups. 

During this period the 9/11 incident took place which itself is doubtful in this sense that there is no evidence available. But if we do analysis then it is confirmed that America did it themselves as justification to attack Afghanistan. They attacked Afghanistan, finished Taliban and established a democratic system there. 

The first twenty years prior to 2000 to remove Russia they established Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Then to remove Mujahideen they formed Taliban and made them dominate, then to remove Taliban they attacked themselves and established democracy. Now they want to end democracy they are again making Taliban powerful. After achieving their purpose America is not leaving Afghanistan but instead just getting their forces out of Afghanistan. America has to do a lot in Afghanistan.  America has to play a much dangerous game in Afghanistan now. They will play this game through the hands of Afghanis. This would be the third phase of their games in Afghanistan.

The first phase was to remove Russia and bring Taliban. Then in second phase they removed Taliban to bring democratic government as opposition to Taliban. And now to end democratic system bringing Taliban back again to start the third phase in Afghanistan.

Q3. What would be the next objective for America which they have spent so much, suffered losses in Afghanistan and still remained in Afghanistan?

A3. America came to Afghanistan with their forces. Since 2001 with pretext of finding Osama bin laden did all the bombing and aggression. America was in big difficulties at that time globally and biggest one was economic. If you see in that era, when these attacks started there was economic crisis globally and America was affected the most, the big banks in America were getting bankrupt. In this situation they started this crisis in Afghanistan. They work for multiple objectives and not just one. One objective to attack Afghanistan was to create a big impression. After breaking of Soviet Union the image of America which had become powerful was becoming weak. The Americans were not getting an opportunity to show the marvels of their world leadership. The way you need an empty land for training like the firing range for forces are in isolated land. They found Afghanistan for this purpose and use their weaponry on a massive scale there. They wanted to leave a dreadful image impression on the world. They dropped massive bombs on Tora Bora which were just barren mountains. They were bombing in Afghanistan and here Parvez Musharraf was shivering. It was essential to create a threatening image on certain countries in the region which Bush was doing. This was one objective of this attack. 

I remember when this operation started, I gave a village example that when someone wants to enter the house of someone it is shameful to enter inside forcibly or even to ask permission you get questioned. To enter inside home they would leave their chicken or pigeon inside the house of someone and then use that as a pretext to enter inside. The did same and entered Afghanistan that our chicken Osama has entered here and we want to find it. They sat there for twenty years and they designed Afghanistan in a new manner.

At that time the superpower was Russia whom America wanted to defeat but now the new superpower is China who is more powerful than Russia. The Americans were not afraid of Russia though they had a threat from them but with China they are too much afraid. If you see the statements of Trump, he was sleepless about China. Joe Biden says that China is destroying us, we have lost our status, they are usurping our rights which we want to take back. China has emerged like a Monster who has connected the world with Trade routes and made entire world as market and even dominated America in trade. 

In order to counter this power and also other powers which are in the region America had to redesign Afghanistan fresh. The first Afghanistan design by America was to control Russia, then Taliban Afghanistan was designed to control Mujahideen, the democratic Afghanistan was to settle Taliban. Now the Afghanistan which America is making is to teach China a lesson and other attached nations like Iran and Pakistan. The main objective is China because the system which China has opened in the world and proven their power in world they want to succumb to China.

Q4. Since America is not leaving Afghanistan but just evacuating their forces out, so in this situation can this not be disgraceful for America and what method America would adapt to overcome any such situation?

A4. Is America some feudal lord of Punjab who is concerned about dignity? America is a Satanic power who are not concerned about this dignity. America has designed the situation in this manner that they get disgraced because they want to develop over confidence in Taliban. Why they want to do this? Like what happened before. The entire battle of Afghanistan was fought under complete supervision and command of Pakistan. But we have seen the same war lords started to stare and stood against Pakistan. Ahmed Shah Masood was entirely made by Pakistan but went against Pakistan. Gulbuddin, Rabbani went against Pakistan. Karzai studied school in Quetta, Pakistan and see how he defames Pakistan. All these were trained by Pakistan but what America did was that they all stood against Pakistan. This happened when you arouse this feeling inside someone that it is against your dignity that you work under Pakistan. You have your own status, power so why you are working under Pakistan. 

The same thing America is doing by creating a false confidence, pride in Taliban. These things are not told by Media about the deal done with Taliban in Qatar. In this deal America has not kept any condition in front of Taliban. All the conditions were kept by Taliban and America accepted everything. The purpose of this was to make Taliban realize that they have become a decisive power in Afghanistan and they have dominance and would be heard blindly. If the supporters of Taliban in Pakistan try to preach Taliban they reply that we have more experience then you so you should now learn from us. Were you able to remove America, you cannot; but we have done it? 

In the next phase the actual role has to be played by Taliban and America is giving them this impression that they are very powerful. Taliban has to now control or counter the democratic groups and other non-Taliban groups. Taliban has now entered into a state where they are not ready to listen to anyone, or take any advice, counselling from anyone. The impression is that Afghani Taliban are under Pakistan’s custodianship. But the same Taliban have visited Iran, they have gone to Turkey and they are establishing direct relationship with foreign countries now. And above all Taliban has established good relationship with India despite Pakistan has been trying to stop them but they consider that Pakistan as junior. America has developed this impression on Taliban that you do not need to listen to anyone. This feeling is essential for Taliban for what is about to happen now. With this feeling only Taliban will do what America is expecting them to do. America by dispersing forces is giving this impression that by removing forces they are leaving America. The forces will leave even before the decided time of September. As per some columnists they might exit by end of July and after that new scenario will start in Afghanistan.

Since America wants Taliban and all the groups associated with Taliban to raise their courage and confidence as they want to achieve all goals through them only now. Why would America go back to Afghanistan when they are showing the world that they are leaving? They will now show that they are achieving their objectives through Taliban only. In this exit deal there was not even one percent pressure on Taliban. 

One strong argument for America leaving is that the new Afghanistan would be highly insecure. If America sits on ground as a custodian, then the entire world will question America for insecurity. Since insecurity would be highly extreme then America is not accountable for anything happening inside Afghanistan, as they are not present there. Second argument for America leaving Afghanistan is they were spending enormous amount in Afghanistan. They have realized in the encounter with Russia that we should not spend anything. The money should be spent by Arabs, life of Afghanis should be given and routes of Pakistan should be used. They would get all their work done without any stain. When they are all present to do everything then why we should spend something. Now when instability happens in Afghanistan America won’t be responsible, so who will be responsible? They will find new faces for that now. The past President Karzai, Ghani and Abdulla Abdulla are all aligned for this new scenario. Few days back you would have noticed the tone of our Foreign Minister, how annoyed he was on Afghani security representative. Why he was annoyed? This is because the Afghanis have started to say from now itself that Pakistan if friend of Taliban and America is leaving now so whatever happens after this in Afghanistan Pakistan would be responsible for that. They have started to give this impression from now. America has made the temperament of Taliban such that they will do everything and blame will come on Pakistan.

One more game which America has played needs attention. They are evacuating their forces out of Afghanistan even though they have no issues in Afghanistan. And after leaving they are asking Pakistan to give its air bases to them. And Taliban immediately warned Pakistan that if you give bases to America then we will be your enemies. This is that dangerous game which is being played that whatever happens now will be done by Taliban and Pakistan would be responsible. Taliban has said that if you give your air base to America then we are your enemies. And America will not leave this demand easily because they want to spoil the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan. America wants to use Taliban for their own objectives. They want to use Taliban against China, Iran and Pakistan. And the Taliban which is inside Pakistan might not be used against Iran and China, but if Pakistan gives their air bases which will happen because when America wants something from Pakistan it happens. It is possible that America might not come here or even use these air bases but this taking over bases is enough to arouse Taliban and justify them to stand against Pakistan. The lava that is being cooked up in Afghanistan; a part of its big preparation is being done in Pakistan. 

In Pakistan there were sectarian terrorist groups who were dispersed by our forces have again started to gather. This rehearsal which took place during Muharram where Mufti’s came out with slogan of Yazid Zindabad were all affiliated with Afghanistan. As an example if Hezbollah gets some success in Lebanon, then the friends of Hezbollah in Pakistan cannot hide their happiness. They come out in rallies with banners, pass greetings and express. The friends of Taliban in Pakistan are much more numbered than total population of Pakistan. They are government servants, inside forces, bureaucracy and religious category of people who openly support Taliban. There are columnists who write columns supporting Taliban. All these people together with Taliban in Afghanistan are doing exactly what America desires that is religious extremism. Few days back I ready some defense analysts reports in newspapers who were speaking exactly the same which we have been talking. They are retired Lt General who are repeatedly telling this that the new wave of religious extremism is getting stronger due to Afghanistan. All this preparation is being done seriously, severely inside Pakistan. America tried a lot to stop the CPEC project, they even aroused India but nothing worked out for them.  But this scenario which America is creating of sectarianism is dangerous. You can see instability in Parachinar which is connected with Afghanistan. Then similarly Gilgit is CPEC main route there are sectarianism happening. In Punjab every other day Muftis are meeting. Now recently also there was a big conference held by senior scholars on the issue of Afghanistan.

One way is to dictate your instructions which was the old way. Now is the era of media, whereby you create the situation, atmosphere such that they think what you want them to think. America has done engineering of Afghanistan in such a way that every group and class is heading in the direction for which America has made the atmosphere. They will not dictate directly but instead create the atmosphere that they will do what they want them to do. Like they have made Taliban feel proud and victorious. This feeling will remain for sometime till they take the steps which America wants. But again worse then 9/11 will happen with Taliban later. I can’t say about China how much impact will happen as they are wise nation but at least their CPEC project will get affected. But the design which is made for other nations like Iran and Pakistan could be severely dangerous. 

Q5. What is the role and involvement of Saudi Arabia in this new scenario?

A5. This conference towards which I pointed has been arranged by Saudi Arabia in Pakistan to discuss about the situation and circumstances in Pakistan after America leaves Afghanistan. The scholars have been invited to find solution. America has made Saudi as an ATM machine. They do not spend a single penny on a bullet as well and take every penny from Saudi. Whatever American plan is made in Middle East; one thing is certain that Arabs want to be in power. Their political system is highly instable as it is neither democratic nor something else, it is only at the mercy of America and Western powers. Certain Arab states regimes have been toppled as well like Egypt, Tunisia and in some places, they were not successful like Syria where Bashar Asad got supporter from Hezbollah and Iran. They have hovering the threat of Arab spring over the heads of Arab. Bin Salman for this reason is become more secular and liberal rapidly so he can show that he is favorite of West. They have this threat and you can be saved only if you pay every bill of America. 

Now in this scenario Saudi has to spend everything like before in encounter with Russia. Saudi has no direct interest but the plans which Saudi has for it Afghanistan is an instable land where they have their assets like ISIS and Jabhat ul Nusra. They have to keep these assets and need storage place. Afghanistan is a warehouse of terrorist. They have to gather all those defeated terrorists from Iraq, Syria.  Afghanistan has to become a free zone for terrorists. When America is sitting there it cannot be free because then questions are raised why ISIS is present in Afghanistan when America is present there. Hence, they want to make a free zone with War Lords and Afghanistan gets divided in regions controlled by these war lords. This was there before and now again they want to do this. Taliban will force everyone to follow them but Afghanis will not obey Taliban easily, if they wanted to be obedient then they would have done with Karzai. Saudi does not give importance to their own interest; they first consider the interests of America and West. Like Bin Salman said that they asked us to create Wahhabism we did it and now they want us to remove that ideology we are removing it. Since Afghanistan is the land where they always fight the war for others and Hamid Karzai also said recently that they we have never fought our own battle but instead have always fought the battle for others. 

Q6. What is the Iran’s foreign policy about Afghanistan, whereby many Iranian diplomats got killed in Afghanistan but Iran has remained silent?

A6. Formal delegation of Taliban has visited Iran, they were given high protocol and met the foreign minister, the security General secretary. The Afghanistan government resisted and protested against this that we are the formal government so why are you giving this diplomatic protocol to Taliban. We can see that Taliban has become more matured now and not like the Taliban of twenty years back. They have ended their enmity with Iran and started political diplomacy with Iran now. They have done a lot of damage to Iran but now they have gained confidence of Iran. And Iran also needs Afghanistan. As you can see that no one has any ideological interest in Afghanistan apart from the religious sectarian group of Pakistan specifically Deobandi. They support Taliban on the basis of ideology. At  present the politics in the world is not visionary. China is not visionary; Russia has left the communist vision long time back. Pakistan was formed on the basis of vision but from beginning itself they left the vision and went after interest-based politics. Since every country has interest in some other country. Iran has not done any investment in Afghanistan like making forces as Hezbollah, Hashad in Afghanistan. They made Fatmiyoun but never used it inside Afghanistan and in fact they assured Afghanis that this force is not meant for inside Afghanistan. And till day they have not even expressed their Ideological presence inside Afghanistan. Iran is proceeding in a cautious manner. This does not mean that Iran has no political interest in Afghanistan. They do have and foremost interest is that Afghanistan is that place where Iran can hit American interests as they are in neighbor.  The second interest is what America has said that Taliban has been using Iranian weapons. But we cannot see any major Ideological plans Iran has made for Afghanistan. 

One is also cultural issue that Iranians do not consider Afghanis at their level. As such Iranians only consider Europeans of their level and do not consider Pakistani, Afghani or even Arabs at their level. This is communal prejudice inside them. Iran has no attraction or any special interest in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Though Iran has economic interests in Pakistan but America and Saudi do not permit. For Afghanistan Iran has interest and to that level they have kept their involvement inside Afghanistan which Americans have also expressed that they many problems they have faced inside Afghanistan is from Iran. 

This is an important question that Taliban is a rebellion group and surrounded by mountains then how so much wealth and resources are coming to Taliban. Who is their supporter? Iran supports Hezbollah, Hamas which is public. Now after America is leaving Taliban is taking over some district of Afghanistan on daily basis. So only those who have some interests are supporting Taliban. The Ideological path is closed in Afghanistan but rest all support is for political interests. 

Q7. Whether America stays in Afghanistan or leaves the region becomes instable so what is the solution to this problem?

A7. The solution is the way Imam Khomeini (r.a) addressed all nations and gave them one formula that do not become tool, labor of any other foreign power. Do not get used by other, do not kill your own brothers for them and develop sense is the first need for these Afghanis. They should develop this sense that the path they have adopted since so long, we have destroyed our nation. The Afghanis have high positive traits that they are courageous nation but when sense is not there that courage also gets lost. The solution is that Afghani community should not give ransom to any other country. They should develop heir own identity to manage their country. Develop brotherhood and use intellect. This problem is ours as well. Unless we carry out the act of awakening in an organized manner this problem will not get solved at least in this generation. If we start the act of awakening today then the next generation possible can get reformed and get out of this situation and solve this problem. If today’s generation can work then the next generation can reap the benefits. 

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