Political Markaz - Afghanistan getting prepared for battlefield

Afghanistan getting prepared for battlefield

Afghanistan getting prepared for battlefield

Jan 11,2019 Comments Download

The most important political issue going on globally are the diplomatic activities in Afghanistan and is going on for making Afghanistan a future battlefield for war. Taliban has became the center of Afghan politics. Those countries whom no one can think can negotiate with Taliban, have also come in queue. Taliban has visited Iran and negotiations are going on and it has come from Iran also from Foreign minister that Taliban would be the center in future in Afghanistan. The current government, Taliban and ISIS is also present in Afghanistan. ISIS is the actual pawn of America in Afghanistan. Taliban who fought with Russia before but now are their supporters.

There are fast diplomatic changes going on with Taliban. People are waiting to see under whom the ground of Afghanistan will come. We know for sure that Afghanistan will not be safe in future like before.

The Chinese President Xi has ordered his people’s army to prepare for war. This people’s force is in millions and looks like this battle will be against China only and it will be in Afghanistan. Iran is taking all protective measures now. In the past battle period Iran was under war with Iraq; and Iran was not involved in Afghanistan. At that time the battle was with Russia but now it is America. Iran in order to come out of the pressure of USA, the weakest point of America, where the America can be given sharp blows is Afghanistan. It looks like the strategists have this point that the battle with America would be in Afghanistan only. It is a ruined state and 40 yrs they have been fighting and have not seen a safe day. There are millions who have been killed in Afghanistan, by Russia, by themselves, then Arabs, other elements got into it. It looks like this oppressed country is heading for further issues. May Allah protect these Afghanis and other Muslims?

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