Political Markaz - Actual Purpose of Ayyame Fatema (s.a)

Actual Purpose of Ayyame Fatema (s.a)

Actual Purpose of Ayyame Fatema (s.a)

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The event that is going across the Islamic world is Ayyame Fatema (s.a). As I said before these two months of Jamadi-ul-Awwal and Jamadi-us-Saani are Fatemi months. As per traditions 13 Jamadi-ul-Awwal and 3 Jamadi-us-Saani are the dates of the martyrdom of Lady Fatema (s.a) and on 20th Jamadi-us-Saani is the birth anniversary of Lady Fatema (s.a). These days are very important for getting acquainted with the Role model of Lady Fatema (s.a). There are various kinds of people who take various benefits out of the days of mourning as well as celebrations. Like if the month of Mohurrum comes then for professionals these days of mourning becomes the days of Eid; it is their season. Their programs are fixed globally, they travel and charge thousands of dollars and rupees. They continue this earning for two, three months. For professionals these days carry one meaning. There are some other persons also who want to change the course of these events. Like when Mohurrum comes in Pakistan they trigger the issue of security as if Mohurrum instead of being a month of grief is a month of public insecurity. The government officers and some enemies want to change Mohurrum as a month of insecurity, the professionals consider these months as month of business. Similarly the sectarian minded people use these days to create discords. 

What is left is a small group who delivers the rights of these days; they become acquainted with the purpose of this mourning, they become acquainted with those elements who carried out this oppression; they take lessons from history as to why this happened for their community, nation and future. This is a very small group whereas the majority are using these events in some other direction. The Ayyame e Fatima is also like this. These days are the days of covenant and to get acquainted with the purpose of Lady Fatema (s.a), her teachings, character and specifically get acquainted with the pain, grief which Lady Fatema (s.a) had and carried along with her from this world. And in reality the thing that should accomplish her mission is what she desired and did not happen. What did she desired which did not happened? We all know that and we should repeat that again and tell others. This respected Lady had only one purpose that after the Prophet (s.a.w.s) the system of Imamat should get established in the form of Wilayat and this did not happen. This was the pain and she left this grief in inheritance to us. It was not left for us so that we can also just sit and mourn. We should mourn so that what did not happen at that time should happen now. That desire should get fulfilled and become practical. Hence these days are highly significant but certain persons use these days for creating discords; they use for trading and consider these days as the means of earning; they acquire their party, group benefits from these days. The believers should respect these days and be attentive with insight towards the actual purpose of these days and revive the teachings of Lady Fatema (s.a) and the teachings of religion.

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