Political Markaz - Accursed Presidency of Trump in 2017

Accursed Presidency of Trump in 2017

Accursed Presidency of Trump in 2017

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In 2017 the most accursed thing that has happened is that Trump has become the President of America, and he is the most accursed and foolish President. This accursed presented enmity with Islam in his election campaign. The moment he came into power, became President, he blocked entry of Seven Muslim nations to enter America. He adopted severity against Iran. He kept on taking such steps and eventually turned towards Pakistan and addressed Pakistan in a disgraceful manner.

Trump has put entire world in danger apart from Middle East, Pakistan which are as such disturbed on daily basis. As an example one bomb blast that took place at 1.5 kms from our seminary near Arafa tower in Lahore but people were living normal life. Because now the people are used to this but outsiders are very concerned when they hear such news and they stop their travel to Pakistan if they get news. But here people do not realize.

The entire world is disturbed, habituated but the European world is at rest. They are making entire world disturbed by spreading sedition but their places remained safe. But in 2017 Europe suffered with many incidents of terrorism done by the same terrorists whom they themselves made. In Belgium, Spain, Britain and France big terrorist attacks took place and was done by the same terrorists whom they had made. France has sent 400 terrorist fighters to ISIS and then every country had their part for which they had to suffer last year.  But despite of this Europeans are not afraid of terrorist that much but more afraid of Trump because it is unpredictable what this foolish person can do, might be he triggers a war and European Union will get involved in it. Their views which they present to each other are very interesting as to what they say about trump and what trump talks about them. They view a bigger destruction in Trump more than a world war.

The other big thing that happened in Europe was the separation of Britain from Europe. The European Union had become a big power and all the European countries had become like one country. In many things they had made one system; like one currency, immigration system and even they wanted to have one common military. But Britain came out of it which gave a big blow to European Union. The actual thing that is going to happen after a long time is the spark that was under the dust has now again came out and that is the communism of Europeans. This communism which has inflicted big damages on the world has again started. In German new Nazism is coming up, in Italy some community, in Scottish the same feeling of their community, Spain they are dividing, British is raising their voice of communism and likewise all the communities of Europe have started to talk for themselves.



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