Political Markaz - Abduction of Iranian soldiers by Pakistan terrorists

Abduction of Iranian soldiers by Pakistan terrorists

Abduction of Iranian soldiers by Pakistan terrorists

Oct 19,2018 Comments Download

A new issue that has started with Pakistan is a crisis on the Iran border. At present the Afghan Pakistan border is also closed since several days. There is firing across the border on both sides and the border is closed. The border is closed for several days in a year. The third border of Pakistan is with Iran. The latest incident is that the Saudi Arabia supported terrorist group Jaish ul Adel few days back entered the border areas of Iran and kidnapped some Iranian solider and Baseeji’s. They got them into Pakistan. Iran is protesting and asking Pakistan to carry out operations to release them. This way Pakistan has got into another trouble with Iran. The world is asking to end terrorism and now they have done this with Iran. It looks like there are certain elements in Pakistan who want to surround Pakistan in a battle all over. They want Pakistan to entangle with Afghanistan, India and also with Iran. If the situations becomes tense on all borders then this would be very dangerous for Pakistan. If the borders become insecure like this it is not good in any form. We need to have at least one good relationship on the border. With India there is Kashmir issue, with Afghanistan there are issues of Taliban there so there is justification. But with Iran there is no reason that terrorists rise and go to Iran and do abduction. At present Pakistan and Iran have similar economy issues; America is enemy of both now, the way Ale Saud are doing mistakes there, they are doing the same here. These two nations can unite and can solve their issues and also the issues of the region and we should not doubt this. The Iran Pakistan friendship is the solution to the problems of both but it does not looks like on both side. The groups of terrorists which are being sponsored from inside are increasing the problems

The other issue which is on crisis is the issue of Kashmir and Palestine but not in media. The situation is same in both places and its increasing day by day. Yesterday 4 youths were attacked by Indian soldiers and martyred in Baramulla. Everyday there is confrontation but there is no voice raised on any form from the world. Even Pakistan media also has become tired and give small news. The same act is being repeated in Palestine. Every day the resistance movement of return is going on every day. From the time America has made their embassy in Jerusalem, the Palestinians have started the protest. They are coming on every Friday on Israel border, raise slogans, protests and every week they are attacked and some get martyred. In last few months more than 200 Palestinians have been martyred. Netanyahu has said that he will rage a big war on Gaza, but there is no response from anywhere. May Allah help both these nations?

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