Political Markaz - 8 yrs girl murdered - Destructive Lustful culture in Pakistan

8 yrs girl murdered - Destructive Lustful culture in Pakistan

8 yrs girl murdered - Destructive Lustful culture in Pakistan

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One more sad incident that happened in Kasur city near Lahore where situations have become tense since last two three days. One beastly person molested an 8 yrs old girl child then killed her after which he dumped the body into Garbage. When the body was found it outraged the people, demonstrations were done, which police tried to stop and as a result few persons were killed. This is happening since few days and today is Friday and it might become further tense. This is not a new incident in Pakistan; this is happening every day with only difference being that it does not comes up in news. The way the culture of Pakistan has become which is full of lust, incitation of lustful passion, moral corruption and in this culture there are thousands such cases happening every day and not that this one case has happened in Kasur.

This has been a grievous incident for this girl being killed in this state but as I said this happens daily in Pakistan. But more grievous than the incident it is the political color that has been given to this issue and has been made a political case. The political groups are now using this by doing protests, sit-ins all for their own organizational benefits. These politicians are filthy who do the politics on the dignity of someone. This is disgraceful, humiliated and shameful politics. There are some who do politics on corpses. Wherever they see a corpse they will reach there. They do not take any step to stop these crimes. They do not think, plan or take any step in this direction to purify the society from such crimes. They don’t do any Amr Bil Maroof, Nahi Anal Munkar, no admonitions, preaching, religious counselling, education, upbringing and nothing. It is evident when there is a beastly jungle atmosphere then this will happen. When small children have got corruption in their hands in form of mobile phones; when corruption has reached inside their homes; when the mothers, sisters of young children are corrupting them, nudity is there but the politicians do not speak on this nudity, corruption, vulgarity that is spreading; they do not raise any voice on these issues in Assembly, no voice comes from political groups. They wait for such lustful crimes to happen, after which corpses should fall and then they jump over the corpses to stand against government for the sake of their own power. They play with the dignity and respect of the people and this is much bigger oppression than the molestation, murder of that young girl and this is what is starting now.

I have mentioned that the cultural atmosphere of Pakistan has been destroyed. There has been completely destruction of values and ethics by the capitalist and illegitimate money makers. They have started illegal trades whereby they have adulterated the entire atmosphere and this has gone up to those regions where we cannot imagine that such corruption, impurity would ever reach there. When we see examples from such regions as well also like if we see Gilgit, Baltistan is a pure region as it is mostly cut off from rest of the country but they have adulterated them as well. There also the corruption in which young children have been indulged is highly disturbing. Similarly young children of other city; Karachi, Lahore and of cities of Punjab, Sindh and other places are indulged into corrupt acts but neither media, rulers, government, religious groups, political parties are attentive towards this. They have all prepared for the Fitnah of election and everyone including religion, scholars are busy with that. If there is no Nahi Anal Munkar and means to stop this corruption then such incidents will keep on happening on daily basis and above these incidents is the worst politics that is done. We need to be attentive towards but it is of no use to demand in Pakistan. From whom we should demand in this country?

If we have to demand then we should demand from the common people. They should protect their children as this era is more dangerous than that of Pharaoh to destroy the young generation. This is highly dangerous era and what kind of severely dreadful arrangements have been made to destroy our generations. I will mention this in separate discussion on what kind of dangerous conspiracy is there in Pakistan and other countries in this context. India is much more drowned in this matter as compared to Pakistan that it is becoming impossible for women to come out of their homes. The Indians are becoming so blind in lust and Pakistanis are also following them. Though not like India but situation here also is dangerous and on the other hand everyone else is involved in Politics and have become pioneers of Politics. They raise political slogans and scholars have left Tableegh, Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anal Munkar. The Parents have left their responsibilities and have themselves involved into lustful corruption hence their children also adopt the same. When you arouse lust; like when nude women come out in the streets. They bring young children in semi-nude dresses in markets in winter. This is wrong. When someone gets killed and this oppression reaches to its peak then you will come out? When a young child is killed now you have started to burn vehicles, breaking into banks, shattering windows; what kind of foolishness is this? What kind of community you are? The child got killed and they attacked the police station as if the police has done all this. If the police has not given security and have done some mistakes then also this politics which is being played is not acceptable. In order to resolve these issue you rectify your judiciary system, make arrangement and more important than all this is to reform the family environment. If that gets rectified than all these incidents which are happening on daily basis will finish. The situation under the dust is very dangerous. We cannot trust anyone that on the outward this person has a religious attire but it is possible that this element of lust is aroused inside himself. This is happening also every other day in religious madrassa, places and by people.

This incident is repeating in multiple forms and this corruption needs to be stopped in form of a movement. Just like to stop terrorism we need a movement similarly for this lustful corruption also we need a movement. In terrorism they will kill some people but in this corruption everyone including, men, women, young, old will get destroyed. To stop this corruption we need one group who can do Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anal Munkar, reform the homes and pay attention towards it.  We come out on the street to demand the government to protect our children. From what all the government can protect you? Is it in their capacity to do this? It is foolishness to even think about this.

I am relating you a real incident of a mother who came to us with a young child seeking admission in our seminary. The child was of primary class and younger than the minimum age required for admission. We apologized and denied the request as we cannot manage such a young child. This is the age when the child should be with mother and mothers at this age do not want their child to separate but she started to plead, cry and was about to fall on my feet. Then we stopped her from doing like and I became inquisitive to ask her why you are so keen to get your child’s admission done immediately as at this age mother won’t like to separate from her child. She replied that I want to save the life of my child and if you don’t give admission he will die. I want to protect the child. We asked from whom? The mother replied from his father. With apologies to speak this, but the child was also there with his mother. She said till now the father of this child has molested him several times. When mother, father have their lust aroused to this extent, do you think police will stop them? Whose responsibility is to stop all this?

We should cut the roots of corruption, close the doors of corruption, shut down the source of corruption. These telecom companies are the foremost in spreading this vulgarity and corruption. They are giving such high speed internet to children. You have yourself made the arrangement of corruption and when the incident happens then start to play merciless, beastly politics on the oppressed, victimized body. This is shameful, disgraceful and being Pakistani we all should feel disgraced about this. We are all responsible for not doing anything to stop such corruption. The methods of stopping corruption are not processions, but it lies in reformation of family life and controlling the roots of corruption. In Europe they have forbidden Children to use mobile below 18 yrs but here everthing is open. We have open the doors more than the corrupt societies. This evil has spread inside every home.

I am requesting the youths as well to protect yourself and also others, society as well. All these children are your sanctities and to protect these sanctities is our responsibility and it should not happen like India. Today the situation of India is such that if some women wants to travel to India they threaten her that the moment you step down from the flight you will get molested. This is because corruption is open, free there and everyone is burning in the fire of corruption. The lusts have aroused for every men and women there. How will you cool down this aroused corruption? We should only express our hatred, annoyance towards these molestation acts? We should start a movement against this. Whatever they want they are running on Cable TV, on WhatsApp, the telecom companies are doing whatever they want and when an aggression happens then we cry that this filthy act has taken place. This media is also responsible for these crimes and sins. We should consider the children of other as our own children. In yesterday’s newspaper it was there that similar incident took place in Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha and very few newspapers publish this. There also they molested children and murdered them. If someone is killed after this act then it comes in newspaper and if killing is not done then people out of honor do not inform anyone and just suffer. We need to rise against this culture and this disgrace. The scholars who have to do this have stepped inside politics and have left their scholarly duties due to which this filth is coming out. We pray to Allah to protect the dignity of all Muslims from these beasts; may Allah destroy the centers who are promoting and may Allah severely punish those who are doing this oppression on children.

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