Political Markaz - 27 crores PTI government funding to terrorist Madrassa

27 crores PTI government funding to terrorist Madrassa

27 crores PTI government funding to terrorist Madrassa

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In the national issues the political degradation and anxiety in the country is enhancing day by day and is being done intentionally for the elections that are coming up in June 2018. Though no one is certain that the elections will take place but still all have only hopes. The political system in Pakistan is extremely hollow, instable and when it is made hollow further due to the non serious acts of politicians, establishments, judiciary it destabilizes further. At present it is an unbearable situation that has been created in Pakistan. There is a fight of political power amongst those starving and hungry for power. They have become like beasts who are ready rip apart each other. They have broken all the limits in blindness of political power. They have ignored the national, communal interests, ignored what is happening on borders of Pakistan; they have ignored the needs, difficulties of people and they have neglected the interests of the nation. They have not done any planning for the country’s future as they have left all the planning to China and they don’t think the need to even think about the nation. Allthe welfare and other organizations who should have been working towards the prosperity of the nation have jumped into this filth. The atmosphere that is prevalent till now is dangerous. Those organizations who had to provide justice to the country like judiciary have jumped into politics.

If you listen to the statements of these politicians, the words they use to address each other and the efforts they are putting in to push each other out of the field of politics is not something normal. In Pakistan there is just a drama of democracy and there are no democratic polices that can be seen implemented in Pakistan. There is a Mafia system in Pakistan. The Mafia is a common term derived from Western world but its use is both in East and West. Mafia is a group who takes over certain systems based on their group power and then on the basis of this power they become merciless and crush others. This boastful group is a Mafia which does not allow others the rights to even live and get their basic needs fulfilled. The Mafia considers its rights on everything just because they have power. This power could be individualistic, wealth, weapons, position and wherever man in the pride of power captures everything and removes others from the ground is Mafia. It is possible and it is there in religion also there is a Mafia system. A powerful group gets born and captures everything in religion and removes others out of the field with lowly tactics. This is the Mafia system and there is no democracy. There is not just one group but multiple Mafia groups and every group has different levels of power. This battle of power of Mafias does not damages the Mafia. Whenever the Mafia groups fights amongst each other the damage is done to nation, people. The people get crushed, they bear the inflations, unemployment, deprivation from basic needs, the country becomes downtrodden, isolated and threats come from all directions, internal and external. When Mafia groups get into power and conflicts with each other, this is where chaos happens whereby looting, corruption starts and this country is under the clutches of all these things.

There is a grievous non serious politics going on in the nation. Those who in seventy years did not get anything in this drama and wrestling are also again getting ready. Yesterday a believer asked me about a plan and he took the name of a plan; he asked what will we get from thisplan? I gave him an example that in the past there used to be Tonga’s for transportation in which horses would pull a cart. When Tonga’s move the carriage driver was earning money by giving rides to people but what was being earned by the nearby shops. When horses would run with the Tonga, they would pass their dung on the street and this was what the shops on the street were getting. This dung which horses passes while running flies in air and breeze passes over it and gets into your lungs and this is what you will get. In this battle of Mafia power what will you get? What will the believers, Shia get and what they have got in these seventy years? Is there a single individual can rise up and say that we have got something? Those who have got some contracts from the administration due to their personal links; those who have sent their children outside the country, those who have got properties and have gained something personally I am not referring to them. I am referring to the community as to what they have got in these seventy years. We will not get anything from here unless we adopt the right path. But those who have the right path with them they also jump into the wrestling ring of these Mafia’s when it starts. The national situations are going towards deteriorations in the grievous state.

We can just take a sample from all what is happening and analyze. Today this news was published about KPK (Khyber Pakhtoon Khan) which was the border province of Pakistan where the provincial government is of PTI (Tahreek-e-Insaf) party. The same party which is claiming that they are coming in power to save Pakistan, to remove corruption from Pakistan, to make Pakistan peaceful and do what all. Today one step of this government was published by news agencies that they have donated 27 crores 70 lakhs (approx. $ 2.7m) has been donated to a famous Madrassah Haqqani in KPK run by Maulana Sami ul Haqq. We all know what this Madrassa is and who is this personality. This is the second grant whereby last year they have donated 30 crores (approx. $ 3m). This Madrassa and personality are well known that this is the base of Taliban. Taliban has come out from this Madrassa and Maulana Sami ul Haqq is known as Ustad e Mujahideen. It is his mind which gave birth to Taliban and his Madrassah is the nursery of Taliban. As I have said before that there are three roots of Terrorism in Pakistan. One root are these Madrassa’s which give the thoughts of Takfirism. Lal Masjid in Islamabad is also a center of terrorism and this Madrassa also are mother of terrorism. And formally this secular government is giving this donation. This is the political Mafia which is doing all this on the basis of power. In this political Mafia we don’t know what others who are blind in politics are going for? They have announced and from the government budget not party budget; they have given 30 crores before and now 27 crores 70 lacs are given now.

If we ask them why you are giving donation to such Madrassa which is brewing terrorists they say that this is our policy for communal streamlining of Madrassa. If they would have distributed this fund across all the Madrassa’s in KPK then there was a possibility that this justification could have been acceptable. But even still this way by giving money to Madrassa’s you cannot do a communal streamlining of Madrassa. On one hand there is an aggression on Madrassa’s due to such Madrassa’s only. At present there is a calamity on all Madrassa’s and even those which are the most pure Madrassa in which there is an Ideal and best system present have also come under the influence of this aggression. Incidentally when this all started and once they came to verify, scrutinize and raid our Madrassa. I asked them do you have the courage to go even once to Haqqani Madrassa the way you have come here. The police officer said that we have the orders and we are helpless. These Madrassa’s have introduced terrorism and due to them all Madrassa’s of various sects came under aggression. The issue is with a group of Madrassa of one sect due to which all are suffering. They should have put restrictions on this group or the right way was to suspend these Madrassa’s who are spreading sectarianism and terrorism. Instead they are giving heavy funds to them and they have given around 70 crores to them till date with the justification of communal streaming. What will be the use of this much money? Who will study with this fund? Terrorists will be produced with this funding. This is why I said that there is no democracy as well; it is only secular Mafia that is doing it. They have not done anything for the nation and for the people. You could have given this 27 crores to the people, given as fees for education of poor youths, to the sick who cannot pay to hospitals and are dying; you could have given to police to whom you are paying less salaries so they do corruption. This is Pakistan and this is what is happening.As such these Madrassa’s are funded from outside Pakistan but now openly at government level they are supporting such groups.

How dull would be those minds who still have not understood this party, government and this system.The previous wife of this person (leader of PTI) has given interview (as he has a new wife every year). That wife is Sunni and he married on 7th Mohurrum. This lady said that I told him let us not get married on this day; wait for Ashura to be over then we can get married. He insisted and did the Nikah on 7th Mohurrum and said we will announce later. Those who scream a lot for the sanctity of Mohurrum why you did not see this sacrilege of Mohurrum here? No one raised voice against this. Few years before a song was played on the marriage of a licentious women. She was called on TV channel and given a tribute of this song. This song played as tribute to her was related to the topic of marriage of Ali (s.a) and Zahra (s.a). On this the entire nation stood up, came out and there were protests to boycott the TV Channel that how come such sanctitous names be referred to a licentious women like her. They played a sacred song on a non sacred occasion. So what happened here? He is getting married on 7th Mohurrum and still he is the leader of Shias. Is this not painful and grievous for Shias. Now only the army has caught people related to the Raja Bazaar incident that took place in 2013. In 2017 they caught the hooligans from this same Madrassa who came into the Juloos and killed their own people of their own Madrassah and accused Shias of doing this. They are same people and entire world knows this is one group. But the hunger for power makes a person blind. For the sake of vote a secular persons helps the center of terrorism. This is highly grievous and the entire community are spectators.

One respected person did a wrong act and took away a women. Another person who was also a respected person was sent to discuss with this person and convince him to leave this women. This respected man asked him first tell me what tactic you used to trap this women. He was asking about the skills of doing this. Now all these religious parties, groups will ask this Madrassa as to what was the tactic of getting this 27 crores. Where are they who are accusing pure Madrassa’s? Why are they not coming here and becoming attentive on these Madrassa’s.

In global issues, there are some undesirable events in some places, some attacks have been done in Pakistan as well.

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