Political Markaz - 23rd March – Pakistan Day

23rd March – Pakistan Day

23rd March – Pakistan Day

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Tomorrow is another event which is the Pakistan Day; on which the resolution for Pakistan was agreed and it was all agreed that a nation in the name of Pakistan should come into existence. 14th August was the day on which formally announcement was done. 23rd March is a very important day and I have said before also, that this is the day of freedom for Pakistan. The Philosophy of creation of Pakistan got separated from it; distanced from it and went into other direction. We came out of one slavery and got into another worst form of slavery. This captivity is ongoing internally and externally. 23rd March should be revival of those objectives which were not achieved. That journey which started but direction was changed so now on this day we should start to bring it back on that path. Since we are cultural people, we put flags, raise slogans and by doing certain things, we agree on this, as to whichever direction the nation is going, let it go. This current generation is the most oppressed. Such level of calamities are present today that too all together with this speed, modern, developed manner were never there before which you are facing now. And this generation is not prepared for those calamities. This generation is not aware and no resistance is developed in them.

Those elders who were giving right direction they have been ignored; that is Allama Iqbal. The Pakistan of 23rd March is the outcome of Allama Iqbal, he wanted a nation for the system of Allah, for Imamat and for establishing the limits of Allah but he was cornered in a very clever manner. The way the tracks of train are changed with a lever. The lever changes the track on which train is moving. The train does not moves unless the track moves. The vision, nation are like a train, whose tracks are changed and people sitting inside the train do not even realize that the path has been changed. Ameerul Momineen (a.s) whom Allah gave the reigns in his hand, this became a trend to ignore the eligible persons and then they thank Allah, they praise Allah that he has established non eligible persons on eligible persons. The design, system, track, path has been elaborated very clearly by Allama Iqbal. If these can be elaborated, and you should not do blind following of your elders. We wanted a separate country to graze separately. Whereas Iqbal wanted a nation and not bushes to graze. He wanted a nation where the constitution of Allah should get established. Our current era elders were not interested in this and so are we today. This day and specifically when Pakistan is under such difficulties, where Pakistan is surrounded with severe dangers carries a significance for us.

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