Political Markaz - 2021 Synopsis

2021 Synopsis

2021 Synopsis

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Year of Covid vaccine oppression

This year that has passed but what has happened in the last year and what will happen in 2022 in the world and with Pakistan also depends on what has passed in 2021. The year 2021 was also under the grip of Corona and its vaccines. 2020 passed in spreading Corona and 2021 has passed in vaccine. The destruction of Corona is known to the world but what has happened with vaccine is not being told to the world. They know everything , they are warning people as well. There is new variant of Corona as Omicron after Delta. The vaccine used before is not effective on the new one. They first got vaccine, then booster. So after two doses, a booster and then now they say another booster. They have got billions of people vaccinated and you can calculate how much these capitalists have earned in one day from vaccines. This money has come out from the fearful scared people. If we give a title to 2021, then it is the year of mockery, oppression in the name of humanity. With the new wave there are thousands dying in Europe but in Pakistan no wave become severe. They sold and imposed vaccines without any law and now they have said against new virus the vaccines are not effective. The new virus is causing damage in Europe.

Whatever has started under Covid 19 its target is developed nations whereas developing nations have just unnecessarily become victim of this. They want to change the map of economy of the world and in this the role is of developed nations where they want to change the traditional way of working to new ways. They first got the world on internet, now online and they are making laws for online. There is everything online and the prices of online will become so high . This is the oppression done on humanity by those who shed crocodile tears on human rights.

Afghanistan  - Big change and humanity crisis

After Corona the other major incident was the exit of America from Afghanistan and Taliban coming into power. They fought for 20 years in Afghanistan after which they exited with their infrastructure and gave the country in the hands of fighting militant group of Taliban. This was not given by fights but with negotiations done on table in Qatar. They did not keep any conditions except one with Taliban. The only condition was that you will allow us to leave Afghanistan peacefully. What happened on airport was placed under ISIS. That Taliban which only carries the experience of war and not governance was asked to rule. Pakistan was made responsible for all the problems of Afghanistan and they should take care of it. Pakistan is appealing daily to the world and now they have given a big quantum of wheat to Afghanistan. Taliban is demanding from Pakistan that the dollars of Taliban which are frozen in banks outside should be released. A question is how come this much dollars of Afghanis is there in banks outside. These are the funds which have come for supporting Afghanistan from other countries. There was a gathering last week in Pakistan of OIC but nothing came out. Even if the world is not helping the Afghani people then Pakistanis should help the Afghani people and not Taliban. The supply line of Taliban is going on, they have good cars, they have got all government houses, offices, all government means are there with them and they are not sleeping hungry. The people are struggling without Gas, wood is not there and there are severe problems with Afghani people. This is the treatment of Afghani people by America in 2021 and this is going on.

Evilest year of Gulf Arabs

2021 is the evilest year for Gulf Arabs and they have done the lowest things. Their conscience has become dead and their humanity has perished. They started exchange of communication with Israel. The Israeli PM visited UAE and even shook hands with their woman. They have done two big treacheries , one with Palestine and another with Kashmir. They did agreements with Modi , they considered him as favorite for trading and with Palestine they have abandoned all the rights of theirs and by establishing relationship with Israel they have pushed back Palestine. They are preparing for war against Iran with Israel.

Iran finally gave a strong reply Israel

Iran has seen that Israel has become insulting and Arabs have also become lowly. Iran has given a message to Arabs as well as Israel. Iran has gone much forward in missile technology. They have done war drills in Gulf region and like fire crackers on 31st night Iran has fired missiles in this much number. The Pakistani media mentioned that Iran has rained Ballistic missiles. The Arabs and Israel got scared with this. One more thing Iran did yesterday was to launch a satellite in space with their missile. The country that has this much technology to send satellite in space using missiles they can target any nation. This was a very mature message from Iran. Yesterday Saudi has given statement that if Iran wants to have friendship we are ready, and this message should have been understood before that this is not Afghanistan.

End of religion in Saudi Arabia

In 2021 Saudi with government notifications they have ended religious. The same religion which they had been promoted and liked by them has been finished off. In replacement they have made corruption common like naked dances. They will start these concerts in Mecca and Medina as well. The way they used to dance in the era of ignorance the same thing Bin Salman will do by starting naked worship in Mecca. He has done a very filthy thing by starting corruption beyond Europe and tonight on 31st the preparation done by Saudi is much more than Europe. The one who wants to enjoy the last night of year they should look at Saudi Arabia. They drink alcohol, dance and in Karachi army is placed on beach so that this naked force does not visits there. Mohammad bin Salman has started this in Saudi and tomorrow you will see the pictures on what he will do tonight.

Israel in 2021

In 2021 Israel has troubled Iran a lot, they killed scientists of Iran. The Israeli minister said we have done this along with America. In Syria they have attacked with missiles on Iran supporting groups and they are doing it daily. They are insulting Iran every day and Iran has replied on all this towards the end of year with this missile’s drills.

Pakistan becomes bankrupt

In 2021 was a tough year for Pakistan and all sorts of troubles have hovered Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan got destroyed completely to the extent the FBI Chairman has announced that Pakistan has become bankrupt. The practical aspects are being seen by everyone in their daily lives. What IMF has done with Pakistan, is what governor has said that we have written and given everything to IMF and nothing is left with Pakistan. One is this interim budget which is coming up and second is the state bank which is the source of wealth for Pakistan has been taken over by IMF and its bill has been passed. The global institutes have said that a country cannot remain an atomic power if economy has gone down to zero. This is their next stage and have got Pakistan gradually to this level. Media is blaming the government that they have written to IMF that if you give loans to us we will roll back our atomic weapons plan. To fiddle atomic assets of Pakistan is destruction of Pakistan. The day this is done an enemy like India is waiting for the day. To create this atmosphere globally India has placed a big role. We hope this crime is not done but if they have written this then people should not remain silent as this would be a dreadful thing for Pakistan.

Turkey suffers badly in 2021

Turkey was the most developed nation but in 2021 they suffered a lot. Their economy became weak, their currency went down. One is due to the policies of America and also the desire of Erdogan to become Sultan has made them to suffer. He has crushed his opposition badly and outcome has come out in currency. The Arabs are supporting the satanic powers to damage Turkey. Erdogan can hold the neck as well as lie down in feet. He has been threatening Saudi but now falling in their feet. Turkey economical is in a very bad state.

Worst year for Indian Muslims

In 2021 for Muslims of India has been the worse year. For all the 365 days there was not a single day when there has been no Muslim assassination in India, Kashmir , Assam and wherever they got the opportunity to kill Muslims. The American newspaper are also writing that the most tough land for Muslims is India. One Indian Muslim actor who have no soul and are just name’s sake Muslims and are generally with Modi. From among them, for one conscience has aroused. He has said that whatever Modi is doing with Muslims, India is going towards civil war. The Ulama are not speaking but film stars are speaking. They are saying that nothing is happening in India, wrong news goes out. Last week in one convention they have aroused Hindu youths to buy modern weapons to kill Muslims. This atmosphere is being created in normal speeches and preparation is being done for this genocide.


Kashmir and Palestine ware totally abandoned in 2021. No one raised voice for anyone. There is utmost oppression in Kashmir in 2021. Every day they are killing youths, women are molested and no one is raising voice for Kashmiris. OIC did not even took the name of these oppressed people in the gathering a week before.

Anti-Iran government in Iraq

The elections which took place in Iraq the supporters of Iran who got salvation to Iraq from ISIS lost election sand the Saudi supported Moqtada Sadr became victorious with majority,. The West has also entertained this. The Supreme court has given order that no rigging was done in elections and now an Anti-Iran government is being made in Iraq. Their slogan in election campaign was to finish Hashad ush Shabi , those who got freedom from ISIS. They will not just abandon them politically; the way they did with Mohandis Abu Mahdi, means they will target one by one and kill them. This atmosphere is being made in Iraq and West, Arabs and Iraqi leadership have come on one page. The Iran supported groups who are in majority are on another page but have lost their space.


In Lebanon a crisis is going on. They imposed sanctions like Iran on Lebanon. Arabs pulled out their wealth from banks. There is inflation and no goods are found. They did all this with planning. Lebanon is counted in rich places but due to civil war the wealth is distributed into various groups and government is formed in alliance with the groups of Shias, Sunnis, Druze, Christians. The way they want to end Hashad from Iraq they want to end Hezbollah in Lebanon. They wanted first Iran to stop supporting Hezbollah but now they are directly saying that all problems of Lebanon are with Hezbollah, if Lebanon can take weapons from Hezbollah then we can support Lebanon and develop it.

In the end

Those nations, countries, groups, individuals and everyone should assess themselves in 2021 as to what they have done, how have they passed the year. When the year passes whether lunar or solar, how much did you proceed. What betterment came in your personality , what you did for your religion, nation, community and everyone should do accountability. You should take a diary for 2022 and list down the activities on daily basis in 2022 and then at the end you can assess what you did? You are same where you were in 2020. The economy of Pakistan became worst, the developments were not done in 2021 and similarly individually you should see what position you have gained in knowledge, behaviors, ethics. There are many hadith in this regard related to Prophet , Imams. The common subject for these traditions as per Imam Ali (a) “ The one whose two days passes the same is in loss”. Another part of similar hadith by Prophet is “ The one whose tomorrow was worse then yesterday is cursed”. The one who says that 2020 was better but 2021 was not good then Prophet says they are cursed. Every community, sect should assess themselves as to what they have achieved. Shia should do their accountability on what they have achieved. How many issues which were there in 2020 how many you have solved, how many weaknesses you have solved. The centers which were in 2020 where are they are standing. The privilege and today is day of thanks if 2021 was better than 2020 else it is a day of condemnation. And we should do a resolution for 2022 that when that ends from every perspective we will go forward. And Allah will also help when man makes intention. May Allah forgive all our mistakes , sins , weaknesses of last year.

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