Political Markaz - 2018 a tough year for Pakistan Political Analysis

2018 a tough year for Pakistan Political Analysis

2018 a tough year for Pakistan Political Analysis

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We should review what Pakistani community has done in 2018 and what we should be doing in 2019. And within Pakistan where the Shias of Pakistan have reached in 2018. We should do accountability and see whether it was a year of profit or loss. We have to continue the same trend in 2019, have we done some other plan for 2019. This should be done. We should do this as a community and individual as well and with every segment of life you are associated you should make a program. This is because others have made plans for you. If you have not made then it is not that others have not thought about it.

The enemies have made a precise plan with analysis, survey, consultations on we have made them reach here in 2018 and in 2019 where we will make them reach. The enemies of Pakistan have done this; they know where they made Pakistan reach in 2018 and now in 2019 where they want Pakistan to be. They are not negligent and are busy in doing their work. Hence they do more damage. For Shias if they do not have any plan as to where we have to reach in 2019. In 2018 we had decided that we don’t have to reach anywhere and we proved true our words and did not reach anywhere. In fact we have disturbed the issue.

In 2019 we should do this, we should think that it is a big time that is 365 days. 1 year is a big capital for a nation. If you are 100 million people, then every individual has 365 days, and then you will see how much time and capital this nation has and where can this nation reach with this capital. Like if we in this Jamea, which is a drop of the nation. In 2018 that came and passed and now in 2019 what an education institute has to do.

We should sit and analyze what we have done. We should have not accepted the Christian calendar but it has been unfortunately accepted. We do all our arrangements as per this calendar then the accountability has to be as per this calendar. All our centers, projects should do accountability on what journey they have done in 2018 and where they have to reach in 2019 and then other categories. We should establish our targets. If we don’t do this, then your enemies have done this and they have complete plan on what they have to do with you in 2019.

In 2018 it was a big difficult year for Pakistan which has affected every segment and mostly on economy. All this planning was done from outside as we don’t have internally any time. Modi has announced in 2017 that we will isolate Pakistan globally and in 2018 Indian has done big activity to isolate Pakistan globally. Last year on 1st January American president insulted Pakistan and Trump used disgraceful word.

This year he remained silent but Modi did that job. In the beginning of the year Modi said that Pakistan will be fixed with war only and we will fight many wars with Pakistan. You can see what is happening with Pakistan on the border which was planned from outside. What happened in Balochistan, how many terrorists’ acts were done, operations were done. If some organization has some time then see what the enemies of Pakistan have done and Modi has announced in Jan 2019 that we have made plans for Pakistan which is war. He has given this statement openly .Since there are elections in India in 2019 and in this election his party position is weak. They have lost in some state elections.

They have got an alarm bell that they might lose in center and their government might not continue. Hence they have announced war, so that they can be effective on the internal policies. If there is a problem here, they transfer it to India. India says that Pakistan is the biggest threat to India and to incite them, take vote from them this is their trick. We should not consider this limited to politics only instead they have firm determination and passion against Pakistan.

Since in general this government has created a lot of problem, hatred towards Muslims. They have tightened Muslims and tried to end the identity of Muslims, they have changed names of Muslim towns, and they have killed Muslims in the name of cow and have kept Muslims under too much pressure. Now they have announced war in 2019, hence this should be taken seriously. If they have made plans for war in 2019, then what are you doing. The community discord, which you have started inside, panic, chaos inside the country then in this situation are they suitable for the safety of Pakistan.

You live in this country, you are related to a school, religion and we are living as an Islamic Ummah but what we have done for Islamic Ummah in 2018 and what we have to do in 2019. We have to think. As an Ummah what journey we have to do in 2019. As an Ummah also the enemies have made plans for you. They have inflicted big blows in 2018 and they have more dangerous plans in 2019. Baseerat means to understand the plans of enemies and make your own plan. We have this in front of us from Iran.

Obama’s ambassador and FM had announced in UN that Islamic revolution will not enter its 40th year. they started all possible things, sanctions, rebellions inside Iran and then they made nuclear agreement, which Trump broke and then again they invoked the sanctions and all this was because Trump has said that 4th Nov is the last day of Islamic revolution and Iran. I will put such sanctions that Iranian will yell out. They knew that Iranians are afraid of sanctions. Dollar went up, there was propaganda, terrorist’s activities took place, foreign TV, and radio channels were arousing people inside.

The fifth column inside the country which is a political term. It is a war terminology. When wars fight; they divide war into 3 pillars; land, air, sea and fourth column is intelligence. These four columns fight the war. There is one terminology that came out from one war and become accepted was of 5th Column, which means spies of other countries sitting inside this army and working for other army. This is the 5th column. The 4 columns of Iran are; Parliament, Justice, Wilayat-e-Faqeeh, Intelligence. The 5th column are those Iranian sitting inside Iran and doing work for America. They are sitting on positions which could be in government, Hauza but are working for America.

Trump has made this 5th brigade inside Iran whose work was to spread despair in Iran, arouse people and they did this in big way. They had big wisdom act which failed. Trump suffered bigger defeat in Iran more than Syria. They have declared 4th November as the day of success. That was the day when the Iranians have taken over the American Embassy and Trump announced this day as end of Iran. That day he was to announce, invoke the most severe sanctions in history. He said that on this day Iranians will come out on this day on street and rebel.

The son of Shah was kept ready in America to send him on 4th to take over the regime. You can see that they did full arrangement, media did their work, the 5th column spread all the despair against government, that if this government stays we will be destroyed. But you have seen, 3rd Nov, Dec, Jan has passed and 11th Feb has come near and few days are remaining for 40th year. How all this happened? 100% the plan of trump failed. The dark night which the 5th column had made ended.

What happened? The same bounty which the world is deprived of and Shiite does not realize its worth, which 200 donkeys of democracy cannot do; that can only be done by one who is attested by Allah. They made a deception plan and there was a divine plan made here, by the Rahbar. Trump has planned for 3rd Nov and not that Rahbar has not planned, he has planned much before to defeat him. Trump has prepared Saudi, has entered Syria and everything failed. The worst two persons of 2018 and worst in the history of mankind are Trump and Bin Salman whose faces were blackened. Whatever they thought all failed. It was the promise of Allah which all got fulfilled.

Now yesterday in America, a senator has said, that in 2019 the power of Trump will end and he will not complete his tenure. There are elections in 2020 but as per him he will be ousted in 2019. What disgrace Bin Salman suffered is in front of world. If we know the worth of these things; come out of donkey’s democracy and accept the one who is firm, who can save the community. Here the entire world has seen the firmness of this leader and they got disgraced in Syria as well as here; even though they being their agents do not speak but the world has seen how they have failed.

Similarly the planning they have done for Ummah also they failed but they have not backed off and will do more venomous plans in 2019. The planning which they are doing for global Shia in 2019, we need to be attentive. They have been defeated in the strong fortresses of Shiite abut in some places they are hopeful that they can be successful. And Pakistan is in those places; where dividing Shias, keeping them busy, they can weaken each other this is their planning in 2019. This planning was successful in 2018 and you can see on social media how the Shia of Pakistan is entangled on everything.

In some place there was a conference, then the speeches of that conference were sent out, they commented, criticized. Some scholars travelled to Waziristan, then groups were made on Social media and fights started. All this is disturbing that Shia very easily get trapped by enemies and we end up doing what enemies want very easily and without any cost. We should sit and think. This expectation that we should sit unitedly will not happen. Wherever they are, they should think about themselves and not about others. What should be our role in this situation? Do not plan for others, don’t discuss what that personality, party should do. We cannot do that, they can think about themselves and we think about ourselves and in a way that we become the cause of firmness, strength and prestige of Shiite and avoid creating such atmosphere which could create problems for everyone.

In 2019 we can see that it has not started well. Modi has also said this for Pakistan and in Shias also non issues have started. They have started to threaten each other. Two groups are threatening each other as a result of one conference. This is not good, you can use good language as well. To make one party dubious in front of government. A Shia is telling that other Shia group is terrorist, abandoned. In non-Shias also they have developed this sense that Shias are not terrorist but form inside we are telling this. These are pawns who do not have their own thinking. Shias should also think wherever they are, can think about this. Whatever lowliness is there, we can see them and plan for them. We are paralyzed and nothing is in our hands in many field. Like in the field of education we are dependent on others even for primary education. We have to keep this in mind.

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