Political Markaz - 16th Feb like other black days

16th Feb like other black days

16th Feb like other black days

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This is grievous day. 16 Feb will get recorded in the history of Pakistan as the black day forever. That day in 1952, when our leaders went to Pakistan and placed our nation in the feet of Pakistan, which was a foolish decision. That day on which Zia ul Haqq sold this nation to America to fight aginst Russia in Afghanistan was a bad omen day.

Then the day on which PM gave an open hand to America free was a black day due to which tyranny was done in Afghanistan. They have destroyed the nations. The day on which Bangladesh was disconnected was a black day. That day when dollars came for sectarianism was a bad omen day. All those days will be days of bad omen; the day on which rulers will take such decision for the destiny of their nation.  

Where are those supporters who gave vote to Anti Saudi lobby to defeat Saudi lobby? Where is their conscience now? Many are intoxicated with the lust of power but man should not break his limits, does not become blind and sell their community, nation and conscience.

This video clip that is going on about the journalist of Pakistan who cursed on himself that I supported such a party who made government. This was what you were to do? You agreed all the terms of IMF and now you are supporting a tyrant also who is welcoming you. When such merciless people are coming, who have turned their Embassies into slaughter house, those who are beheading people, their forces going around the world, and a nation gets insulted, disgraced like this and this gives the address of upcoming highly bitter days.  

Let's Not be ashamed in future

This is not the path of the nation, people of Pakistan. This nation is having self-respect, honor and dignity. Imam Khomeini (r.a) said that Pakistani nation is loyal to Islamic values. The path of Zia ul Haqq was not the path of the people, it was the path of rulers. The decisions which Musharraf took were not of people. Hence today Musharraf is not stepping inside the country. The nation has this fault that they give opportunity to such persons to take such decision. This nation who is honored, dignified is not ready at any cost to do such a deal for wealth. 

These are decisions of rulers, but the nation has to suffer for this and the people have to bear the loss. This deal which is about to happen and after this if they take the potential of Pakistan to Yemen, then at that time it would be so shameful that we will not be able to raise our heads till Qayamat in front of any oppressed.

If for our 20 b $ the war starts with Yemen through us and we become part of the war with Imam Mahdi he has, then we will not be able to show our face to anyone. The Pakistan forces become part of his plans, then that day would be the most shameful, disgraceful day for this. May that day not come, and this nation inshallah who believes in Allah, his book, Prophets and Imams will not be ready for that day and will not accept that. May Allah protect Pakistan from the internal and external enemies of Pakistan? May Allah nullify their plans here itself.  


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