Political Markaz - 14th August - Freedom cannot be accomplished without Imam Hussain (a)

14th August - Freedom cannot be accomplished without Imam Hussain (a)

14th August - Freedom cannot be accomplished without Imam Hussain (a)

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Tomorrow is the Independence Day of Pakistan on which a new great Islamic nation of Pakistan came into existence. First duty on this day is to express thanks on this day that Allah has given us a great bounty. We have until date not realized the worth of this freedom and not yet completed the various stages of this freedom. We got geographical freedom but in many areas, we have not got freedom like the education system of Pakistan is in English. We have got freedom from British but not from English language. The language in court is in English. In courts a case of a peasant who does not understand English is dealt by judge and lawyer speaking in English . This is a grievous state in country that the effects of cultural, educational slavery can be seen very deep. The system which Lord McLay made in India before independence is still continuing in Pakistan. The bureaucratic system of Pakistan is cent percent English. The law under which the country is running is from 1835, that is one century before freedom which was made by British. The governance system , judiciary and offices system are the same which was made by British. There are many cities which were renamed by British are still continuing by the same names and this is slavery. This nation is living under slavery and they do not have the desire to get freedom in the next phases of education , culture and being Muslim we should become free politically as well. The past Generals have written books and you should read these books and see how much Pakistan is free politically. Read the book of General Aslam Baig where you can see that Pakistan is not liberated yet. And we can see today Pakistan is under worse slavery of IMF and economy of Pakistan is besieged by them. The rulers are slaves and they do not have the authority to make independent decision. Our leaders cannot take decision to attend even an international conference. We are engulfed in this slavery. The passion of freedom is the guarantee of survival for any nation. The desire of freedom keeps the communities alive. Todays’ generation should develop this hope.

Allam Iqbal pointed towards one deficiency which our secular leadership did not understand. He said “ In this caravan of Hijaz there is no Hussain”. This caravan that is moving towards liberation will not reach its destiny because the pilot of this caravan of freedom is not there. The freedom is not a deal for everyone and does not suit every lip. Freedom suits a free person. Who is that free person? One who knows the meaning, standards for freedom. The source for freedom is Karbala and no other Madrassah has freedom available to teach other than Imam Hussain (a). This has been confessed by just scholars as well and this is also possible under that situation when Imam Hussain (a) is considered as the leader of freedom, the way Imam Khomeini considers him as a leader making him a role model practiced the parade of freedom and got his nation liberated. If a community does not accept Imam Hussain (a) as leader the freedom will not come near them.

The foundation of freedom which Imam Hussain (a) has taught is man should not accept disgrace. This is the biggest obstacle in getting freedom. When a community becomes abased and takes the inheritance of lowly people like Banu Umayyah, Moghuls, Abbasid, Turks then they would not earn anything other than disgrace. Imam Hussain (a) saw that they have been placed on the crossroad of disgrace and if I take one step on this path I and my family would live a comfortable life. But for a believer this one step is a big disgrace. In Pakistan when freedom will become reality, this will happen when the entire nation removes the shackles of disgrace from the neck. The disgrace that has been taught to them from pulpits, politics and the religion which teaches them disgrace has not left they cannot come on the path of Imam Hussain.

The Azadari which you do in the current ritualistic form is not the real form of Azadar. First step of Azadari is to throw all forms of disgrace. If you see Iraq where Imam Hussain (a) got sacrificed in Karbala. From the time till date the Iraqis have never taken a step towards freedom. Now when Allah gave them an opportunity they still did not accept freedom. The were happy that Hajjaj that is Saddam is gone and someone else has come. When Iraqis could not remove the shackles of disgrace then how will they get freedom. But Imam Khomeini (r.a) himself removed the chains of disgrace and also from his community.

This year’s Independence Day is in Moharram and it has relationship with Imam Husain. The nation should learn the ABC of independence from Imam Hussain (a). Celebrate the Independence Day with the slogans of Imam Hussain (a). The freedom which Imam Hussain (a) is teaching is not that you make geographical border and be slaves on both sides. The freedom comes only by removing shackles of disgrace. The Karbala of freedom has to take place in Pakistan. The day you remove the shackle of slavery of Bin Salman, Britain, America the path of Hussain will start. If you have disgrace in neck and take the name of Hussain then this is Kufi mentality.

The journalist Mukhtar Masood under whose supervision the Minare Pakistan was constructed. He was a not a religious person. Before Islamic revolution in Iran there was an RCD pact between Iran, Turkey and Pakistan. Mukhtar Masood became the representative of Pakistan in RCD office in Tehran. He said before visiting Iran I gathered some information. Many people said many things. One retired army officer told me a beautiful thing about Iran. He said that Iranian community is a victim of a controversy. The entire community is Shia and their lips always take the name of Imam Hussain with deep love inside their heart. This is one state of this community. The second state of this community is that this community with name of Hussain on their tongues, lips are living under 2500 years of Yazidiat. They are lovers of Hussain but slaves of Yazid. Mukhtar Masood says I noted this controversy when I visited Iran that they were taking name of Hussain but living under the regime of Shah. He says within this controversy I saw one aware, awakened, freedom loving leader who kept this crossroad in front of his community. You should select either name of Hussain or the shadow of Yazid. He says that this community accepted the words of their Rahbar and found the secret of freedom and practically they proved that we do not accept Yazidiat. He says that I was present in that gathering where Imam came from Paris. This book has been written by Mukhtar Masoor for Pakistan.

Without Hussain freedom, politics, religiousness, humanity is also incomplete. If you have love for English language and Britain then this is not independence. This has to be done by Pakistanis on this day of 14th August. Allah has joined freedom with Imam Hussain this year and this community should learn this lesson of freedom from Imam Hussain (a). The first lesson is when you are on crossroad of dignity and disgrace, then do not even care for your head at the cost of giving away dignity. Hussain sacrificed for the sake of dignity and Kufis remain alive with disgrace. Today Hussain is alive with dignity . Those who place the shackles of disgrace of degrees and anyone who has placed shackles of disgrace in their neck they have nothing to do with Hussian and freedom. The rights of Pakistan are still there on our necks and what Qaid e Azam has started needs to be completed and it would be completed only when the thinking of Hussain ibn Ali comes in our nation. The way Imam Khomeini got them out of rituals and taught the lessons of freedom. That day would be the day of freedom for us.

When the celebration day of freedom comes, some youths do hooliganism and they don’t even know what is freedom. Some clips are available where people are asked about 23rd March. One student said it is day of martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto. There is no mention of 14th August in the books of Lord McLay. When you love English then you have hatred towards Freedom. You put on tie and coats, giving speeches in English you are celebrating freedom, this is disgrace. The religious people and organization do not celebrate 14th August. The only institution that celebrates this is Jamea Orwatul Wuthqa. Due to Moharram the students would do a march tomorrow under the garb of Imam Hussain and teach the Pakistanis lesson of freedom. It is possible that Nasibis to insult Moharram might celebrate 14th August in a big ceremonial way which can hurt Shias. May Allah grant the sense, awareness, awakening and courage of Hussain to this community and they become freedom under the shadow of skies and become slave of only Allah and this lesson of freedom can be given by only Hussain ibn Ali.

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