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Nov 05,2017 0 Likes 130 Views
1st November is the day of independence for the province of Gilgit-Baltistan. Since this region is under a lot of political chaos and there are big pl
Nov 03,2017 0 Likes 233 Views
Ruined economy of Pakistan In current affairs there are various issues globally and national. In national issues they are there from beginning only
Nov 03,2017 0 Likes 107 Views
The second issue in the country is due to the same atmosphere of insecurity and chaos; amongst this one is that due to unknown reasons people are arre
Nov 03,2017 0 Likes 101 Views
Arbaeen congregation – Fruits of Islamic Revolution One more issue that is national as well as global is related to Arbaeen of Imam Hussain (
Nov 03,2017 0 Likes 142 Views
Maltreating of Pakistani Pilgrims for Ziarat Every year in Pakistan also this happens whereby the pilgrims are dealt with harshly, a very hard, sev
Nov 03,2017 1 Likes 153 Views
Russia and China confronting America One more incident that is happening globally where there are international disputes between America, their allie
Nov 03,2017 0 Likes 103 Views
Saudi Arabia moving towards internal crisis In middle east an important event that is about to take place is related to the situation that is getti
Oct 20,2017 0 Likes 261 Views
Economic Crisis in Pakistan  In national issue, the top of list is the same instability, political uncertainty, chaos, panic and disturbance w
Oct 20,2017 0 Likes 157 Views
Difficulties for Arbaeen Pilgrims from Pakistan The third issue as regards to Pakistan and especially for Shias is that people are preparing for Arba
Oct 20,2017 0 Likes 129 Views
One big topic that was started before was the division of Iraq, through referendum they wanted to break Iraq but a timely response from Iraq and the