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Jun 07,2019 0 Likes 8 Views
In Waziristan the danger bells which were ringing since long time that a group has been developed there who are fighting for the rights of Pushtoon. T
Jun 07,2019 0 Likes 17 Views
The National Minister Ali Mohammad Khan who was in some Ministry before as well has formally written a letter on his letter pad to Saudi Ambassador fo
Jun 07,2019 0 Likes 15 Views
The other hot issue was the Mecca Conference which took place last week. There were three conferences done; one was the conference of Gulf leaders Sum
Jun 07,2019 0 Likes 26 Views
The hosts have called this conference for only one topic that was preparation against Iran. Though they were warned by Iran to not fiddle with them, a
Jun 07,2019 0 Likes 13 Views
Islamophobia is a big process in West, and they have achieved a lot with this process what they could not achieve through wars. First when they got th
May 17,2019 0 Likes 47 Views
The headline news since few weeks is the Iran America conflict and tension which seems like the region is moving into the jaws of war. It looks like t
Apr 26,2019 0 Likes 42 Views
Pakistan PM has visited Iran last week and has become very popular in the news. There has been no other trip of his or any of his cabinet ministe
Apr 19,2019 0 Likes 20 Views
The first incident of terrorism that took place in Balochistan last week was on the Karachi Gwadar highway, where few buses were stopped, and their ID
Apr 12,2019 0 Likes 17 Views
Today’s grievous incident in Quetta, Pakistan where the same was repeated at the same place where majority events have taken place, that is the
Apr 12,2019 0 Likes 20 Views
In Pakistan itself one more grievous thing which has become a matter of concern since long and has been expedited is the missing of persons and people