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Dec 31,2021 0 Likes 92 Views
Year of Covid vaccine oppression This year that has passed but what has happened in the last year and what will happen in 2022 in the world and wit
Dec 10,2021 0 Likes 152 Views
By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi The issue which took place last Friday on Sialkot was a very painful incident. One Sri Lankan engineer Priyantha Kumara
Sep 24,2021 0 Likes 106 Views
Atmosphere of insecurity for Arbaeen in Pakistan Arbaeen is the major event, where since last several years where Arbaeen is organized in Karbala,
Sep 17,2021 0 Likes 140 Views
Our PM gave interview to CNN on Wednesday and he has talked some important things, as it is known about him that when he speaks without preparation he
Sep 02,2021 0 Likes 57 Views
 Authors : Salina Khan         Date : Muharram 23, 1443 About a dozen years ago when I first started listening t
Aug 20,2021 0 Likes 571 Views
America gains victory in Afghanistan – Foolishness to say they are disgraced Taliban has got complete control over Afghanistan which was not
Aug 23,2019 0 Likes 205 Views
In Pakistan the situation of crisis is ongoing and increasing day by day. There is no ray of horizon being seen from any horizon for this nation t
Aug 23,2019 0 Likes 200 Views
First time in Pakistan this has happened when Eid Al Adha was well known for the Sheep skin business. The terrorist groups would fight for getting
Aug 09,2019 0 Likes 301 Views
Kashmir turning into Palestine Everyone is aware that the most important news of the world is related to the prejudicial, anti-Muslimism, Islam ene
Jul 26,2019 0 Likes 109 Views
Trump has claimed that we have got down two drones of Iran. Iran denied the first one and said it was the American drone which they got themselves