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Aug 23,2019 0 Likes 184 Views
In Pakistan the situation of crisis is ongoing and increasing day by day. There is no ray of horizon being seen from any horizon for this nation t
Aug 23,2019 0 Likes 137 Views
First time in Pakistan this has happened when Eid Al Adha was well known for the Sheep skin business. The terrorist groups would fight for getting
Aug 09,2019 0 Likes 210 Views
Kashmir turning into Palestine Everyone is aware that the most important news of the world is related to the prejudicial, anti-Muslimism, Islam ene
Jul 26,2019 0 Likes 85 Views
Trump has claimed that we have got down two drones of Iran. Iran denied the first one and said it was the American drone which they got themselves
Jul 26,2019 0 Likes 17 Views
In Britain the government has changed and Boris Johnson has become the new PM. We can say another Trump has come to Britain and their faces, hairs
Jul 26,2019 0 Likes 45 Views
One grievous incident which took place last week was the terrorist attack in Deir Ismail Khan. There was attack on police station, and when the injure
Jul 26,2019 0 Likes 27 Views
The second issue is the political instability in Pakistan, which is increasing day by day and extremism is increasing day by day. The inflation is
Jul 26,2019 0 Likes 53 Views
The most important topic of this week was our PM’s visit to America and our entire government is very happy and there is an atmosphere of ce
Jul 26,2019 0 Likes 11 Views
One populistic statement which Trump gave was that we want to become mediator for Kashmir. He said Modi has also requested me to become mediator w
Jul 26,2019 0 Likes 38 Views
Hence it looks like this visit will become the basis of more difficulties and many issues will come up in the country in future. Trump is not like