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Dec 21,2018 0 Likes 73 Views
In last week the most grievous situation has been in Kashmir in which ordinary Kashmiri were martyred daily. In one day 7 to 8 Kashmiris were martyred
Dec 21,2018 0 Likes 47 Views
The Punjab government after coming in power took a first open discussion. The government is taking certain steps to just keep the people occupied; lik
Dec 14,2018 0 Likes 56 Views
One social issue which has come up in news is related to one billionaire person of India; the daughter of the richest person of India got married. It
Dec 14,2018 0 Likes 36 Views
In India, there have been few incidents. The current government of BJP, whose leader and PM is Narendra Modi, has been defeated in 5 state elections.
Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 47 Views
A most serious incident of this region is about India. The government in India is extremist who raises the slogan of Hinduism and considers India as a
Oct 26,2018 0 Likes 30 Views
The second issue which is grievous is the atrocities and killing going on its peak in Kashmir and Israel. In last week 9 were martyred in one day and
Oct 19,2018 0 Likes 43 Views
In India the atrocities in Kashmir have increased and they are fueling Pakistan enmity every day and in 2019 there are elections and every party has t
Sep 28,2018 0 Likes 67 Views
In India one more beauty of democracy has got manifested. India has the biggest democracy as regards to population. Though China is bigger but not dem
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 88 Views
In Kashmir the situation is tense and the destiny of Kashmir Muslims have reached a very sensitive stage. There was a law made in Kashmir before the i
Aug 03,2018 0 Likes 142 Views
In international issues, the top of the list issue is the one which is not the point of attention for media and international issues. There are two is