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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi In China last week there was a 100 years celebration of Communist Party of China which made new China and gave developme
Jun 18,2021 0 Likes 114 Views
The NATO force was made against USSR and when USSR was broken then this force was used in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon. Now they want to turn this force
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You can see Afghanistan is in state of war for forty years and in this we can divide in two phases. One from 1979 to 2000 as one phase of 20 years and
Mar 01,2019 0 Likes 75 Views
Pakistan lost friend Like China One more issue which came out and needs attention. China is the old fiend of Pakistan, since 72 yrs they have been
Jan 04,2019 0 Likes 291 Views
Similarly at a global level also in 2019 there are dangerous plans seen. As per some analysts, 2019 is the year of wars as 2018 was preparation for wa
Oct 19,2018 0 Likes 158 Views
One more issue which America has created for Pakistan. America has openly said, that we have a trade war with China and it is an open war. China has a
Jul 13,2018 0 Likes 81 Views
The politics of Trump has impacted the entire world. He has started a trade war with China. He had already started a political battle with Russia. The
Jun 22,2018 0 Likes 134 Views
As I said in the beginning of Trump’s Presidency that he has come for a trade war with China. He has started to do trade attacks on European Uni
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The third topic which is very important and is hovering across the globe is that America has announced the third cold war. There is one war that is ho
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We have entered 2018 so let us do an assessment of 2017 which has just passed. I will express later how 2017 passed in Pakistan and from where we will