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Country - Syrian Arab Republic

Mar 22,2019 0 Likes 49 Views
Trump has issued a fresh statement, about the Golan Heights Mountains which is between Syria and Israel, and since 1968 UN has asked Israel to return
Dec 28,2018 0 Likes 41 Views
The first topic is that the Christian Calendar has reached its end, and 3 days are left and after that 2019 will start. When a new year starts and one
Dec 21,2018 0 Likes 36 Views
One example of their disgrace got manifested in Syria. Trump has formally announced that in next few months America will completely remove its forces
Aug 03,2018 0 Likes 47 Views
The second important issue is the battle of Syria which since time has changed its course. That battle which had become complicated and caused frustra
Jul 27,2018 0 Likes 51 Views
In Syrian war also there is important progress; the last positions of terrorists have been finished by Syrian forces and every day they are clearing a
Jul 20,2018 0 Likes 61 Views
The second topic is the Syrian battle which is also very important and fundamental. It can be said as decisive battle and the Syrian battle will decid
Jul 13,2018 0 Likes 71 Views
In global affairs, an important issue in progress is the Syria war which is gradually moving towards a decisive point. Yesterday the Syrian army, Hezb
Apr 13,2018 0 Likes 71 Views
In Syria a new wave has started whereby two superpowers have come in confrontation and there are exchange of dialogues. This happened last week and it
Feb 16,2018 0 Likes 93 Views
In Syria; Turkey has formally entered their forces in the Afrin province which was a Kurdish region where America was planning to prepare a Kurd for
Feb 16,2018 0 Likes 99 Views
In Syria; a historic incident has taken place. Israel since seventy years has put the Arab nations under threat and has captured parts of various coun