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Country - Russian Federation

Mar 11,2022 0 Likes 20 Views
By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi Russia invasion on Ukraine is the hottest issue and now one speaks about Corona. Russia is a big power and has dominance
Feb 18,2022 0 Likes 51 Views
By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi The war battles between Ukraine and Russia are hovering. America wants to make Ukraine as part of NATO force. Russia has
Jan 21,2022 0 Likes 60 Views
By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi Iranian president has visited Russia and Iran is growing their relationship with China and Russia. The previous agreemen
Dec 31,2021 0 Likes 159 Views
By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi A good statement which world has heard was from Russian President Vladmir Putin, who has come out as shrewd politician a
Sep 17,2021 0 Likes 140 Views
Our PM gave interview to CNN on Wednesday and he has talked some important things, as it is known about him that when he speaks without preparation he
Mar 29,2019 0 Likes 48 Views
One more topic in headlines are the crisis going on Venezuela. America has intervened for rebellion against the ruling government. Since long the situ
Jan 04,2019 0 Likes 377 Views
Similarly at a global level also in 2019 there are dangerous plans seen. As per some analysts, 2019 is the year of wars as 2018 was preparation for wa
Dec 21,2018 0 Likes 41 Views
One example of their disgrace got manifested in Syria. Trump has formally announced that in next few months America will completely remove its forces
Jul 13,2018 0 Likes 105 Views
The politics of Trump has impacted the entire world. He has started a trade war with China. He had already started a political battle with Russia. The
Apr 13,2018 0 Likes 77 Views
In Syria a new wave has started whereby two superpowers have come in confrontation and there are exchange of dialogues. This happened last week and it