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Kashmir turning into Palestine Everyone is aware that the most important news of the world is related to the prejudicial, anti-Muslimism, Islam ene
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Then after that is Gadeer which is a big event and there are celebration programs everywhere and it takes places in our Jamia as well. This year wit
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With Saudi Arab also, there are news coming in papers everyday that we are ready to defend Haramain. Who has threatened Haramain? Is there any Musli
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One more incident that took place yesterday for which a scenario was created since long. They have made the atmosphere that they are removing the Chai
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In the current era the biggest crisis that has come on Pakistan as a storm, Tsunami is the inflation which has gone out of control and not stopping. G
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The second tragic incident are the terrorist attack on military bases in Baluchistan and Waziristan in which 10 soldiers were killed. One attack was f
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There were normal rains in Karachi and Karachi which is a big town with millions of people living there and the population in Karachi is spreading o
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Hence it looks like this visit will become the basis of more difficulties and many issues will come up in the country in future. Trump is not like
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One populistic statement which Trump gave was that we want to become mediator for Kashmir. He said Modi has also requested me to become mediator w
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The most important topic of this week was our PM’s visit to America and our entire government is very happy and there is an atmosphere of ce