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Jul 12,2019 0 Likes 21 Views
In international issues one important issue is in proceeding. There is a people’s force in Iraq by the name of Hashad us Shabi whom Iranians ref
Mar 22,2019 0 Likes 41 Views
In Iraq a ferry got drowned, in Dajala river, where they were celebrating Nowruz festival and 83 were killed. We express our condolence to their famil
Feb 08,2019 0 Likes 14 Views
The big event this week and next week also is the Ayyame Fatema (s.a). These events are the days of mourning for her as well as in this month on 20th
Feb 08,2019 0 Likes 39 Views
Trump has issued a statement that it is time to come out of Afghanistan and Syria. He said we have achieved our goals and this is not our battle and i
Dec 28,2018 0 Likes 66 Views
Apart from this, the topic which I have to mention is that this is the second Christmas for Trump. In 2018, 1st January he insulted Pakistan and first
Dec 28,2018 0 Likes 58 Views
One more grievous news; one great, esteemed Faqeeh. Marajae Taqleed and a Mujahid Scholar, Ayatullah Sayed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi (r.a) passed away
Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 86 Views
The other events which are coming up; amongst them one is the Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Askari (a.s). These days are days of Allah and are the days of
Oct 26,2018 0 Likes 60 Views
The most important event in these days is Arbaeen which is after few days. This has turned into a global event since last few years. This is because m
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 67 Views
In Iraq till date the government is not yet established and there are no possibilities also seen in the near future instead the things are getting com
Jul 27,2018 0 Likes 93 Views
The crisis in Iraq is ongoing and becoming more serious with no agreement reached on forming the government. There are some or the other obstacles in