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Aug 23,2019 0 Likes 38 Views
In Afghanistan a new incident took place in which in a Shia marriage ISIS did a suicide attack and around 90 believers were martyred and many were wou
Aug 02,2019 0 Likes 14 Views
In Afghanistan, the politics is very strange. There are presidential elections about to start and Afghanistan will become severely insecure during the
Aug 02,2019 0 Likes 21 Views
One more issue that is ongoing in the country whereby PM in one gathering has appreciated the Peace Vision of Trump and our PM has used this same term
Mar 08,2019 0 Likes 26 Views
Mortar Attack in Kabul Shia gathering In Kabul there was a religious program organized but the program was political. Hizb e Wahdat-e Islami was a
Mar 01,2019 0 Likes 206 Views
Taliban - America Friendship In Afghanistan there is another story happening that Taliban and America have started friendship dialogues and America
Feb 15,2019 0 Likes 36 Views
A bitter incident took place near the city of Zahedan. The IRGC came under suicide bomb attack and big martyrdoms took place. Since Zahedan is a borde
Feb 08,2019 0 Likes 17 Views
The big event this week and next week also is the Ayyame Fatema (s.a). These events are the days of mourning for her as well as in this month on 20th
Feb 08,2019 0 Likes 90 Views
Pakistan FM has made us attentive towards one point. This was expected from the government, though the government is busy in accusing and abusing the
Feb 01,2019 0 Likes 34 Views
The global issue which is aggressive now, is the issue of Afghanistan. In Afghanistan America has done several negotiations with Taliban. In the secon
Jan 25,2019 0 Likes 49 Views
The Afghan American representative Khalilzadeh came to visit Pakistan and established negotiations between America and Taliban in Pakistan. They are n